Get started with a basic feedback form, in seconds!

The basic feedback form contains four fields - name, email, category and message. You can add/modify and choose a default category for your widget. The "attach a screenshot ..." feature is by default enabled on your feedback window accessed via the tab.

Get a nice looking feedback tab for your website

With all plans (including the FREE one), you can customize the colors in your feedback tab. And these tabs can be multilingual too. Read more about this feature on our blog.

Use the feedback form as a tab or embed as an iframe

You can use the feedback form on your site in two ways - as a feedback tab or as an embedded iframe or both. Get the corresponding code from your dashboard. Once a user submits feedback on your site, apart from the feedback form fields each feedback thread in your dashboard also contains additional details on user's geographic location, URL of the page this feedback was submitted on, user's browser/platform etc. Replies can be posted from this thread itself. We send instant email notifications to the user and to site admin(s). User acknowledgement emails can optionally be turned off.