Create a Notification

WebEngage Notifications are an easy way to establish communication with visitors on your website. It is a simple push messaging tool that allows you to - pop discount codes in a targeted manner (e.g. to people sitting idle on the checkout/cart page, for say, a minute), announce new product launches, push a system downtime notice etc.

To create a push Notification, we ask you for these:
  • Title - an eye catching one-liner for your push message
  • Description - can be rich text (text formatting, images, links etc)
  • Call to action button text - something like "Buy now", "Know more →", "Browse our cool new collection" etc
  • Call to action URL - the URL to which the user clicking on a call-to-action button should be taken to

Other than the above mentioned inputs, you can also choose or create a theme; you can alter the width of the Notification window; choose a layout and choose the target for a call-to-action button (open the URL in a new window or same window).