Employ gamification to
boost lead generation &

Capture more leads from your website visitors and influence your conversion rates for new subscriptions by delivering a gamified experience using popular gamification tactics such as leaderboards, scratch cards, milestones, badges, coins, etc.

Drive watch /listen time &
number of sessions to boost
your unit economics

A constantly upward trending watch /listen time & returning users (more sessions) are great indicators of whether your users are deriving value from your streaming platform. Anything below a daily average of 2 hours of watch time for your millennial audience means you’re leaving revenue on the table.

Easily unpack consumption
patterns for every user

Apart from maintaining a healthy DAU to MAU ratio, it’s also important to keep a close eye on your users’ consumption patterns - genre, time they’re most active, movies vs TV shows, regional vs offshore, shorter vs longer episodes, etc. This will be helpful in putting forward apt and precise recommendations.

Identify engagement
benchmarks to predict
churn and downgrades

Think of a system that can help you predict the likelihood of churn for every user, with a strong hypothesis, and enable you to take actions to get them back before they reach the churn threshold. WebEngage can help you with this predictive modeling so that you have a fair shot at negating the adverse effects on your revenue.

Trigger feedback campaigns
for improving user and
platform experience

Your customers are more than willing to give you feedback for bettering their own experience. Only question is asking the right user at the right time. Use on-site surveys at the most opportune times, to get reviews and ratings that could be your guiding light for future recommendations.

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