5 Wildly Successful Ways To Run An Email Marketing Campaign

5 Wildly Successful Ways To Run An Email Marketing Campaign

What comes to your mind when you think of starting an Email Marketing Campaign? Writing a compelling text, some images strewn here and there, building an email chain, and finally hit send.

Not exactly. Reality is somewhat different.

If this is what you think, then you are missing a few prominent points that are a necessity when it comes to creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign.

With around 269 billion emails sent each day, you have to fight tooth and nail and implement a more thorough approach to generate more leads and sales. After all, you have to use every weapon in your arsenal to stand out from the stiff competition.

The main goal of every sender is to ensure that the lead is actually viewing their emails. All this and more can be achieved by creating a stellar Email Marketing Campaign.

Why building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign is vital for a business?

  • It presents a great opportunity for enterprises to directly reach their target audience using minimal resources. Which results in increased outreach, visibility and more leads.
  • Using this medium an enterprise can easily make its objective known to the niche audience by sending custom and personalised messages.
  • You can save your time and resources by segmenting your audience as per the requirement and send automated emails. This also results in one-to-one communication with the leads.
  • A survey by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric of marketers in the United States revealed that email marketing resulted in a median ROI(Return on investment) 122%, which is more than 4 times higher than any other marketing tactic.
  • The aforementioned effective features ensure that the enterprises get better response rates resulting in the accelerated lead generation process.

Here are the measures and best practices for business looking to drive more leads and sales by creating a successful Email Marketing Campaign.

Table Of Contents:

1. Create an enticing header
2. The main body of email
3. A relevant email footer
4. Test before implementing
5. Manage follow-ups

1. Create an enticing header

In the hindsight, a header is easily forgettable but a gripping header is enough to bind the leads’ interest long enough to make them consider opening up the email.
Anything that is displayed before the actual content is obviously important. In this case, it is the ‘Header’.

However, stay wary of using tactics like ‘click-bait’ that is steering away from your objective and using a subject line that is completely disconnected from the content of your email.

Come to think of it, even if you deceive people in opening up your email, it will be for nought. Even if your content is good, people are unlikely to give it a chance due to deceiving subject line. Because it is simply not what they are looking for.

So, make sure that your header is enticing but does not provide a vague subject line just to attract customers.

From Label: Despite what some people believe, the from label is essential, extremely so. It actually plays a crucial role in grabbing the prospect’s attention. ‘From’ label should ever be an anonymous entity but should contain the professional business name.

Reply-to email address: You want to make the other person’s experience as optimised as possible, don’t you? To ensure this you need to provide a correct reply-to email address that can connect the prospect directly to you or some other the right person who can answer the queries.

Subject Line: As aforementioned subject line needs to be quirky but up to the point and not steering away from the objective. An honest, short and creative subject line will compel the audience to open up the mail and consider your services.  

Pre Header:  Pre-header provides the user with an additional insight into the email apart from the subject line.

Here’s an example,

See that the Pre-header is indicating promising deals ahead. This is enough for the prospect to get intrigued and open the email.

2. The main body of email

With the header, you have put down the founding stone. Now comes the main construction part, that is, constructing the main content of your email.

You have to address your prospect’s problems and persuade them to avail your services.

Make sure that your main body entails the following attributes:

Company logo: Adding your company logo not only adds value to your brand but it can also be leveraged to create leads by making it clickable.

Text: This is the part where you have to put your best foot forward to make your audience value your message. Add testimonials, images and actionable videos to attract your prospect’s interest.

Studies suggested that Emails with about 20 lines of text and around three images received the highest click-through rate.

Call-to-Action: Ever witnessed that point while reading the email when you are intrigued enough but do not really wish to skim down further? This point is exactly the best spot to add call-to-action button.

Suppose, you are a complete stranger to your prospect. I’m sure that before sending the email you must worry about what to write and what not to write.

However, there’s no need to fret. Just follow the above steps and your template should look somewhat like this,

And the perfect spot for the Call-to-Action,

3. A relevant email footer

Now that you have the prospect aware of your objectives, product and services, comes the closing part.

No, the end of your body isn’t exactly the end of your email. A compelling header and the main body of the email aren’t nearly enough to create a long-lasting impact.

Nothing proves your credibility more than a relevant footer. It also resonates with your professionalism and adds value to your email marketing campaign.

Here are the elements that should be necessarily added to your Email Footer

Social Media Links: Include all your social media channels to increase engagement and let your customers connect with you through various platforms.

Contact Information: Your main motto should be making your customer’s experience optimised. Therefore, your footer should always include your contact information so as to save customer’s time from searching your contact information.

4. Test before implementing

Before you actually send out your emails to a massive amount of leads, make sure to perform A/B Test. That is, try it out first.

If you can’t make up your mind about two brilliant concepts, then first send both of them to a few people.

Look at the metrics and analyse which concept was more successful. Now that you know the winner, you can build your email marketing campaign accordingly.

5. Manage follow-ups

Write it in stone somewhere if you wish, but always remember that in your quest to acquire new leads, do not neglect your older and already warm leads.

As soon as potential customers subscribe to your emails, send them a follow-up email introducing your company and asking the prospects about their problems and preferences.

Make sure to include what you plan on doing with the prospect’s email address.

Ensure that you already have proven to follow up email so that you don’t have to worry about what to write to catch your prospect’s attention.

Say, for example,

You are a Prospect Generation and B2B Lead Generation Enterprise. Your follow-up email should look somewhat like this

If you want to build a successful marketing campaign, then make sure to include all of these points.

Do you have any other ideas?

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