[Announcement] New WebEngage Pricing - The What And Why Of This Change

[Announcement] New WebEngage Pricing - The What And Why Of This Change

Yesterday, we announced our revised pricing. There are quite a few things we’d like to tell you regarding this change which has been pending for a long long time.

What has changed?
The bundled pricing of our product for each of the plans has gone up as shown underneath. Also we have cut down drastically on certain features in each of those plans – more on this in later section of this post.

WebEngage Pricing Change

Why now?

Because this was long pending. We launched our bundle publicly in Oct, 2011 with a near complete Feedback product and version 1 of the Survey product. The pricing, that we just changed, was apt for that suite. However, during the last 20 months not only we enhanced our survey product but launched a rockstar addition to the bundle – Notification product. We have written time and again about how thousands of companies are improving sales and conversions on their website using notifications. Our pricing was a change in waiting post this product. But we didn’t rush. Because we have always believed in building value for our customers first. And so, we did. Our product suite is now stable and ready for the next set of new additions/enhancements that we’ll announce in coming months. It became imperative for us to command a value that the product truly deserved. Hence this change.

Looking for finer details?
Sure. There are a whole lot of them. For Enterprise customers we have rolled out a bunch of REST API’s to enable data workflows. Our Premium plan customers can enjoy some of these via Webhooks. We have rolled out our JavaScript API with some cool callback capabilities for all paid plans – this allows you to build amazing interactions on your website. Apart from these, for surveys and notifications, we have split the targeting capabilities across different plans; deeper visitor targeting options like page views in a session, sampling, search engine/keyword targeting etc have been moved to Premium and Enterprise plans.

And here’s the single biggest change – revised limits for all our features
Take a look at the tables below for comparison. We spent good amount of time analyzing data for the last one year on how these three products have been used across our customers under all the plans, before arriving at these numbers. Very soon, we’ll have packs for each of our products that you can buy on-the-go in case your run out of the corresponding limits for your plans.

WebEngage feature set changes with the new plan

Existing customers, we love you!

If you are a paying customer already, you don’t need to worry – this change won’t affect you. If you are under trial period currently, you don’t need to worry either – once you choose to regularize your account within 14 days of the free trial period, you’ll only need to pay what you signed up for.

We had this huge debate internally on grandfathering the prices for existing customers. While all of us were in favor of providing immunity to current customers against this change, there was a strong notion on phasing out the old pricing over a 6-12 month period, post which customers would be asked to upgrade. Money lost the battle with compassion :-). We have decided to lock the old pricing for your Basic/Standard/Premium plans FOREVER, unless you choose to stop recurring payment for your account. Enterprise customers will be billed as per the commercial agreement for their contract term. Renewals will be done as per our new enterprise pricing structure.

This change marks the coming of age for a small nimble company that you have put immense faith in. We’ll continue to delight you with our product. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

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  • Created: 28 Jun 2013
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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