[Announcement] WebEngage Notifications: adding awesomeness to user messaging

[Announcement] WebEngage Notifications: adding awesomeness to user messaging

It gives me immense pleasure to announce an ultra-cool, new add-on to WebEngage. After our in-site feedback and survey products inside WebEngage, we are very close to releasing the third product in our bundle – Notifications. Simply put, notification is a plug-n-play, DIY messaging tool for your website. The illustration below, tries to explain the product idea –


Some simple use-cases for notifications:
1. Announce a new product/service launch to visitors on your website

2. Offer discount coupons to visitors coming from a your Facebook fan page or any other web based promo campaign

referrer based targeting

3. Engage search engine visitors on your website, drive sign-ups

search based targeting

4. Tell your IE visitors that their browser sucks. They need to upgrade to make the most of your website

browser based targeting

5. Someone spending 60 seconds on your pricing page? Its time to generate a lead!

URL & time based targeting

Smart Notifications

Wait, I am not done, yet. We thought of some amazing use-cases that needed a behind the scene automation to create and display notifications on your website. Have a look at the illustration below:
So, the idea is to pick up messages from your Twitter/FB/LinkedIn or Blog and display those as notifications on your site. Without you having to do anything at all. You’d love us for this one. Right? Needless to say, we’ll give you all sort of controls to tell us what to pick and what not. Underneath is a short explanation of how smart notifications can be put to some great use –

  1. Smart notifications from your Twitter stream – Do you tweet mission critical or promotional stuff on your company’s Twitter page? Would you like to broadcast some of those tweets automagically to visitors on your website? You said yes? Aha! You got the idea. With WebEngage notifications, whenever you tweet on your company’s page with a certain hashtag, we’ll pick it up and create a notification and start displaying it on your website. So, the next time you announce a downtime on your company’s twitter page or offered a discount code there, we’ll make sure that the message is conveyed to visitors coming to your site. Cool? Ain’t it?
  2. Smart notifications from your Company’s Blog – Your product team just pushed a whole lot of new features, upgrades and fixes. As a practice, you make sure that your company’s blog carries a post on this update. With Notifications, you can choose to flash a snippet of that post on your site and lead users into reading that blog post.
  3. Smart notifications from your LinkedIn job posts –  Hiring is a pain. I agree :). Amongst a whole lot of things all of us do, to hire people, one of the key items on our list is to create a LinkedIn job post. The next time you do so, WebEngage can automatically pull this data along with a snippet of the job description and start displaying this content as a notification on your site (or only the careers page of your site, if you wish).
  4. Smart notifications from your Facebook fan page – You have an active social media strategy. Your FB fan page is buzzing with activity. You want to share some of those updates with visitors on your website. WebEngage notifications will let you do the same.

We’ll be adding complete customization capabilities (colors, targeting etc) to Notification. Analytics will be included in the first version. It will tell you about clickthrough rates, geographic distribution of users clicking the call-to-action link etc – very similar to what we do for our surveys. At WebEngage, we are die hard believers of simplicity. It means two things – the product will be dead simple to use; and even easier to integrate with your website. See how our one time integration works.

Notification product is now live. Sign-up today to give it a go.

– Avlesh

  • Created: 14 Jun 2012
  • Last Updated: 05 Sep 2018



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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