Customizable Survey Themes

Customizable Survey Themes

You now have the capability to choose various themes for your survey. You can modify the colour and hue of your widget, its background and its text. To do this, you would first have to log on to your WebEngage account. Click on the survey tab and the go on to the “active” tab to access the list of all your surveys that are active.

Once you are here, select the survey widget to be modified and click on the ‘edit’ button. On clicking the edit button you would be taken to the online survey design page. On the left side of the page is a panel of edit tools. To modify the themes of your survey widget click on the button “appearance” that would take you to the “layout and theme” page. Here, on clicking the edit button, you would get access to the theme selection and customization tabs.

These layout and theme page comes with predefined theme selection. You are also given capability to define your own custom created theme. For custom creation of themes, 5 fields have been provided to set your own choice of palette. Just click on each of these fields and set the hue as per your requirements.

You would have to give a name to your custom defined theme and set up plethora of combinations of colour for background, button and text. This would help you to customize the appearance of your survey widget as per the context of its deployment.

  • Created: 15 Aug 2015
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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