Feature Enhancement: Journeys

Feature Enhancement: Journeys

In order to help you implement real-time user lifecycle campaigns more efficiently using WebEngage Journeys, we have launched few enhancements. These are one of the most requested features for Journeys, and our goal is to streamline the Journey creation process.

Triggering Journey for Specific Users

Using the Specific Users trigger block, WebEngage Journeys allows you to upload a list of users to trigger the Journey for them. Previously, it was only feasible to add a small list of users to this block since you were required to paste the list in this block.

Now, you can upload the list of users as a CSV file to trigger the Journey for them. This allows you to add much larger lists of users conveniently using a slick new UI. This is specifically useful if you are creating these user lists using logic and data from your internal systems, in addition to using triggers based on WebEngage events, user attributes and segmentation criteria.

Triggering Journey for Users in a Segment

In addition to triggering Journeys for users entering or exiting segments, you can now also trigger them with two more segment-based criteria:

  1. Users who are in a particular segment: This will trigger the Journey for all users who are in the segment at the time of publishing the Journey.
  2. Users who are in a particular segment and others who enter it later: This will trigger the Journey for all users who are in the Journey at the time of publishing the Journey and for users who enter the segment later.

New Exit Triggers

We have added two new types of Journey Exit Triggers. Previously, you were able to specify the criteria for user exits from Journeys only based on occurrence of events. You can now make the user exit the Journey based on two more criteria:

  1. User enters or exits a particular segment: For example, you can make the user exit a Journey as soon as he/she starts making regular purchases.
  2. User’s profile attribute changes: For example, you can make the user exit an enrichment Journey when his/her tier changes from Standard to Premium.

Test Campaigns in Journeys

You can now test campaigns in Journeys just like you test standalone campaigns. Using this functionality, you can send the campaigns to an internal set of users before you publish the Journey.

Edit and Create Segments from within Journey Blocks

In addition to selecting a particular segment within Is in Segment block, you can now create it within the Journey block itself if no segment exists yet with the criteria you want to use.

Try out our new features and tell us what you think of them! Or request a demo from our Success team to learn more about these features.

  • Created: 23 Jul 2018
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



Pankaj Gautam Product Manager, WebEngage

Pankaj is a Product Manager at WebEngage. He draws inspiration from technology, business and design communities to elevate our product to a world-class marketing automation suite. Prior to WebEngage, Pankaj worked with the product team at OYO, and began his career building his startup focused on boosting conversations within communities. A graduate from IIT Gandhinagar, he enjoys his coffee, music and non-fiction whenever he catches a break.

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