Help us find our lucky mascot - pig, crow, snake, bear or something else?

Help us find our lucky mascot - pig, crow, snake, bear or something else?

We, at WebEngage, are a fast growing startup. In less than 6 months of our public launch, we are now powering in-site feedback and surveys on over 950 websites worldwide. Quite a feat. Right? Maybe. In a world where significant numbers are always counted in the unit of millions, our numbers appear to be small.

So, we put our heads down trying to find out how we can become an insanely big enterprise. We looked up to the big boys. Then we realized we have done the same set of things as they did early on i.e. built an awesome product, created some noise around it and iterated so fast that customers started loving them and became evangelists. So, what’s missing? Well, an unusual suspect.

Finding 1: We don’t have an animal behind our back. Yet.
Ah, we know the reason now. It’s the goddamn animal mascot which is your path to glory. It is this creature that takes you in to the big league.

Finding 2: All the good looking ones are taken. We are not left with too many options 🙁
Monkey is the most abused one. Everyone seems to be betting their lives on the chimp. Going by the revenue figures and valuations of a few companies using chimp as their mascot, our ancestor seems to be the safest bet. But wait … we can’t copy. We are an “original” startup. So, we started looking around on what’s not taken yet. Our research implies that we can use one of these – Pig, Snake, Crow, Bear (not sure) etc. Yikes!

Help us please.
Help us by first telling us if our assessment is correct – can we become a multi-million dollar enterprise without having one of those creatures as our lucky mascot? If you think, we have to have one – let your suggestions come our way. Thanks in advance for helping us out by killing your time thinking about a silly animal.

Stay tuned. We love you!

  • Created: 05 Mar 2012
  • Last Updated: 05 Sep 2018



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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