A 4-Step Guide to Launching a Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Campaign - ft. Marketing Automation

A 4-Step Guide to Launching a Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Campaign - ft. Marketing Automation

If Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, was an outdated marketer at Santa Claus & Co., the Christmas carol dedicated to his ‘very shiny nose’ would be something like:

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
Had a Christmas campaign to run.
And if you ever saw him,
You would say he doesn’t know how it’s done.
All of his direct competitors,
Used to laugh and mock his campaigns.
(Only if poor Rudolph,
knew about marketing automation)

With barely a few days left for Xmas, any marketing manager with a brilliant campaign idea and without a marketing automation suite will feel like poor Rudolph. After all, launching a full-blown last-minute Christmas marketing campaign without automation won’t be anything like…well, Christmas. It’ll be tedious, time-consuming and daunting.

So should you discard any last-minute marketing ideas because “It’s quite late for a campaign.”? Maybe not.

Because, believe it or not, you can execute a targeted and personalized multi-channel Christmas marketing campaign in just a day. How?

Joy to the world because Marketing Automation Tools are here! You can launch a complete holiday marketing campaign while having your eggnog. All you need to do is integrate your website/mobile app with the tool, and have a marketing campaign plan in place. And rest will be covered in this blog- from the execution to the analysis part.  

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How to launch a last-minute Christmas Campaign with Marketing Automation




The first step towards executing a kickass marketing campaign (be it any!) is customer segmentation.

It means clubbing your customers together into homogeneous groups based on their behavioral history, preferences and demographic data. This enables you to create targeted campaigns with relevant communication.

Check out this comprehensive blog to learn more about the ‘Segmentation of Holiday Shoppers’ (below).

Suppose Rudolph from Santa Claus & Co. decided to save his ‘very shiny nose’ with the help of a marketing automation suite like WebEngage. He will need to start off with creating the following segments of users:

  • First Time Shoppers

  • Deal Lovers

  • High-Value Customers




Once the segments are in place, Rudolph (and you) can start creating user journeys for each segment. This can be done seamlessly with journey mapping tools like WebEngage Journey Designer.

It’s a drag-and-drop workflow builder which allows marketers to create intuitive customer journeys, backed by customer data. With this tool, you can orchestrate multi-channel/multi-device marketing campaigns without any dependency on anyone. Check out this Blog Post or  Explainer Video for a detailed understanding of it works

Moving on, as each customer segment created by Rudolph posed a particular challenge, he used his pro-level marketing skills to come up with the respective solutions to drive the conversion rates: (below).

Hence, Rudoplh (and you) will need to create three separate customer journeys to tackle the respective challenges and increase your holiday season conversion rates. Take a look at these three sample journeys:  

  • Journey for First Time Shoppers

  • Journey for Deal Lovers

  • Journey for High-Value Customers




If you want to enter the Santa’s list of ‘Thoughtful Marketers’ then personalize your message. And yes, by personalization, we mean personalizing your message for every channel, not just for emails.

Based on the above-mentioned user journeys, Rudolph (and you) sought to engage with each customer segment through multiple channels like email, on-site notification, web push and in-app messages. To guarantee high user engagement and promising conversion rate, Rudolph (and you) should use different levels of personalization based on the available user and event attributes.

For instance:

  • Zero Personalization for First Time Shoppers
    As this segment targets only new (and anonymous) users, showing a generic on-site notification or an in-app message triggered at the right time can do the trick.


  • Basic Personalization for Deal Lovers
    This elementary level of personalization is done by using user attributes (example: first name, last name, email id, etc.) and event attributes (product category, product name, last transaction value, etc.) without breaking into a sweat.

  • Hyper-Personalization for High-Value Customers
    This level of personalization is every marketer’s dream come true. Pulling out customer’s behaviour data via API and using it to make personalized as well as relevant recommendations is what makes hyper-personalization our personal favourite.


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Once the multi-channel user journeys are up and running, Rudolph (and you) can sit back and enjoy the eggnog. Why? Because everything is automated 🙌🏻 .

Do you know what else is automated? Campaign analysis!

To analyse the performance of last-minute Christmas campaigns, Rudolph (and you) can keep a close check on the following metrics:

  • Total click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Total conversions (% and number)
  • Engagement rate per channel
  • Total unsubscription

Based on the analytics, Rudolph (and you) can make necessary modifications in the journey, content, graphics, etc. with no extra effort.  


Now that Rudolph, the red-nosed marketer of  Santa Claus & Co., has mastered the art of marketing automation, he is not afraid of executing last-minute marketing ideas. Then why should you be hesitant?

Be a boss and execute last-minute marketing campaigns with WebEngage. Schedule a FREE and personalized demo to learn more about how marketing automation can help you skyrocket your business. We promise that WebEngage will fit your business like a pair of snuggly socks.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Created: 16 Dec 2017
  • Last Updated: 06 Sep 2018



Avantika Pandey Content Marketer, Webengage

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