Management Team @ WebEngage - Jan 2018

Management Team @ WebEngage - Jan 2018

Every founder dreams of the day when the founder dependence in his/her business goes to zero. I have worked very hard for the last 3 years to find, nurture and groom talent that will share our vision and execute ruthlessly to achieve our goals.

Today, in our team townhall, we promoted 6 of these men to formally constitute our management team.

Today, Ankit and I are very proud men. By their actions, these folks have proved beyond doubt that they are capable of building WebEngage into a large enterprise. Each one of them are trying to solve very unique problems. In some cases, I have been left amazed by the solution(s) they chose.

If you are a customer, you have 6 more reasons to cheer now. Because there are 6 more people who’d dedicate themselves to making your life easier by generating more revenue for your business.

Let me quickly introduce you to these men –

Arpit Rai, VP Product

Arpit joined us in the summer of 2016 as our first Product Manager. Yes, we didn’t have a PM prior to him! A large chunk of what you see on the WebEngage Dashboard today is led by Arpit’s craft. It started with this revamp which subsequently laid the foundations for all the cool stuff we have rolled out in last 9 months.

Saumitra Bhave, Technical Architect

Saumitra joined us in the summer of 2015 as a Senior Software Engineer. One of his most impactful contributions, what is now called the “Communication Engine” at WebEngage, is a platform that delivers hundreds of millions of messages each day across channels like push notifications, email, text, web push notifications etc.

Apoorv Sood, VP Sales

Apoorv joined us in the summer of 2015 as an Enterprise Sales Manager and eventually started to lead the sales team from Jan 2016. He has been instrumental in streamlining our sales operations and scaling it to its current level. Apoorv and his team are committed to make WebEngage the #1 automation suite in India, S.E.Asia & EMEA regions.

Manish Kashyap, VP Engineering

Manish was our first engineer on-board. Ankit and I share a long history with him – he was a part of Ankit’s team at Burrp and my team at Infomedia18 (post Burrp’s acquisition). Manish has been playing a very difficult role at WebEngage for last two years – managing engineering timelines 😁. He has played a key role in operationalizing sprints based product development methodology at WebEngage.

Prasenjit Karmakar, VP Marketing

Praesnjit joined us a Product Marketing Manager in Nov 2014. People fondly call him PK in office. Between PK and I, we’d have run more than a thousand experiments of all sorts in the last 3 years to ultimately figure out what should our marketing stack look like. PK now runs a mini organization within marketing with some very talented folks across content marketing, SEO/SEM, SDR and retention marketing.

Keyur Dhami, VP Partnerships

Keyur joined us as Manager, Customer Success in summer of 2015. His opening task was to build a team in the first place! We were new to the customer success practice then and Keyur played an incredible role in building this practice grounds-up. In his new role, Keyur will be setting up our Bangalore operations (From Feb 2018. Yes!) and would be building a team to double-down on our efforts with key partners like Capillary.

This is very proud moment for all of us at WebEngage. I wish these men and their teams all the best.

Onwards and upwards.
– Avlesh

  • Created: 25 Jan 2018
  • Last Updated: 23 Jun 2021



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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