Monthly Releases: September, 2023

Monthly Releases: September, 2023

Hey Reader,

Greetings from WebEngage!

We hope you’re having a great experience with WebEngage. We’re excited to introduce new features on the dashboard. 😀

New Channel Release – Viber

We are excited to announce that Viber has been added to our Channel suite.

Viber allows you to send rich media messages, including images, videos, documents, and text with interactive buttons.

Please note: Currently, Infobip is the sole service provider available for Viber integration.

To learn about WebEngage’s integration with Viber, read our blog.

If you’d like to enable Viber on your dashboard, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us at

Introducing Loop Support in Recommendations and Catalog

We are introducing a powerful enhancement to our recommendation and catalog features – Loop Support. This feature brings versatile capabilities to your recommendations and personalization strategies, making your campaigns more dynamic and engaging.

Key Enhancements:

  • Loop Across Items for Recommendations: You can now seamlessly traverse across all items within a recommendation, ensuring that no vacant space remains in your recommendation display.
  • Merge Recommendations: You can consolidate recommendations for multiple items into a single, comprehensive object. This opens the door for dynamic and impactful campaigns.

Loop Across Array Attributes and Catalog Lookup: We have extended loop support to array attributes, allowing you to interact with the catalog using these values. This feature update enriches your personalization efforts with precise product information.

Common Use Cases: To help you get started, we’ve picked some common use cases and updated our knowledge base to guide you in implementing Loop Support effectively.

Other SDK Updates

Android SDK v4.5.1 Released
We’ve released Android SDK version 4.5.1 with significant optimizations related to the App In-line Content property evaluation.

Hope you start making the most of these features and enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed developing them for you! We have some important and major feature releases in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more!

  • Created: 13 Oct 2023
  • Last Updated: 13 Oct 2023



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