[Newsletter: April 01, 2014] WebEngage improves conversion by 5% for a large travel company. Launches new dashboard

[Newsletter: April 01, 2014] WebEngage improves conversion by 5% for a large travel company. Launches new dashboard
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Dear Customer,

We are extremely excited to unveil our brand new dashboard. With this release, we have taken a giant leap forward – you can now use WebEngage via your mobile/tablet device, view/download reports in realtime and most importantly, you can now easily find your way around in the dashboard! We thought we’ll reach out to you with this announcement.

Also featured in this newsletter is our case-study of the month – how we increased revenues by 5% on Yatra, the second largest online travel site in India.
Our new dashboard – bright and shiny!
What has changed?
  • Access the dashboard from your mobile and tablet browsers – you can now run campaigns or modify settings on the go!
  • Domain (or widget) centric workflow – do you manage WebEngage account for multiple websites? Our new navigation will make your life easier.
  • Two level navigation panel – we knew that navigating between products was quite a bit of a task in our previous design. We have put of lot of effort in this re-desgin to keep the separation clear. The secondary panel is dynamic and the menu options change to what’s relevant for the particular task you are trying to perfom at a given time. Ain’t that wonderful? 🙂
  • Improved search, reporting and analytics – we have gotten better with each one of these capabilities. Have over 100+ notifications in your account? We made it easy for you to find one. Also, now its possible to schedule reports for surveys you are running on your site.
Check out the new dashboard
Case Study of the month
How Yatra cross-sold hotel inventory to 5% of its customers booking flights online – the WebEngage impact!

Using our Dynamic Notifications, India’s second largest online travel booking site managed to improve its conversion by 5% – with less than 2 hours of effort.
Read the complete case study
Seen our use-case gallery? Check this out: #WebEngageLive
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Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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