Marketing Strategy Guide For Online Travel Agencies (OTA) (Part 3)

Marketing Strategy Guide For Online Travel Agencies (OTA) (Part 3)

It’s all about business. Here, I am indulging in a totally new sphere of Online Travel Agency Industry and there, Starbucks is making some good business out of my coffee addiction. Never the less, coming back to this amazing resource that I found in a cafe. Wait for a second, clueless regarding what I am speaking? You might want to check the start, segmentation of users for online travel agencies. Who understands movies when they start watching it after the interval and here we have something far more serious than entertainment.

Now, what next? We are done with segmenting our users into segments and we know that each segment has to be engaged differently from the other. But that goes more or less on the offers and discounts. What about engaging with users when they are on the website or app? I am sure there are many touch points in a user’s journey where they are more liable to drop out of a website. Aren’t they warm leads if they have spent a considerable amount of time on the website. And come on, so much money is spent in bringing a person to a website, one needs to justify that spent as well.

How to stop them from opting out and converting them into retainable, loyal and advocating customers?

Pre-booking user journey automation

I perhaps did not have to think about it further. As I read along, I saw that my fellow marketer had tried creating an entire lifecycle of a user. And somehow anticipating the actions taken by the user can prove to be extremely beneficial. You’ll know what they desire and you’ll exactly give them what they need. And isn’t it a known fact that when a need meets its fulfillment at the right time, it often results in fruitful results like when you are craving for Pizza, like I always do and dominos just flashes the best offer. I just forget about my health and cave in.

new user journey on website


This is one perfect example of gauging the intent of someone who is coming for the first time. This throws me back into the pre eCommerce era. Remember those days when people used to enter shops and there used to be a nagging salesman breathing down your neck. On some days, he would be helpful in showing you the right things and on others you’d want him to disappear. But with internet stepping into the picture, we no more have the need for them but the need of being assisted always stays there and exactly that is where marketing automation is needed.

See, personally, automation is nothing but being ready and reducing human intervention. There are several tools available that let you automate your marketing efforts. Using them you can automate sending emails, text messages, push notifications to your customers. These smart marketing automation softwares let you do user engagement across multiple platforms.

Coming back to the workflow in the image above, a first time user comes and now the first thing is redirecting them to what they’re looking for and then assisting them with relevant offers and information on the screen. Everyone is big time busy these days and making them search for things is bound to get them losing their interest and bouncing off.

What is more important is, getting to know who your user is which is done by either making them log in or getting their information. Also, those who book but forget to make payment or delay payments are extremely warm leads and need to be pushed into being customers.

Likewise, assuming that just acquiring a customer is a battle won is one big mistake. Once the visitor changes to a customer, it becomes extremely necessary that he stays a customer. It is a known fact that it requires 6 times more money to acquire a customer than to retain him. And yet again, the genius our fellow marketer is, he cracked this one as well.

Post-booking user experience automation

mobile app user journey


Creating an experience for the user where he feels that he is taken good care of is more than half the battle won! The user needs to be constantly engaged. Once a user has made a purchase, you can start creating user personas. With every purchase, they start revealing a lot about their preferences and they don’t exactly mind sharing relevant information with you around their experience and choices. further more their activities also help you weave together an entire journey for him like shown above.

And the feedback is one great way to know how the experience of the user has been.

And before I could read any further, I saw someone approaching me with a sigh of relief, and voila the mystery marketer is no more a mystery. He turned out to be Animesh Kumar who had been working with Online Travel Agencies for quite a while in his words which turned out to be huge 8 years.

And yes, I asked him for a webinar, and I am glad to tell you that he agreed.

Check Out The Amazing Webinar For Insights Around Online Travel

  • Created: 26 May 2016
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



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