Release Announcements: September - December '16

Release Announcements: September - December '16

Journey Analytics Getting A Facelift

December 26, Improvements

For a published or de-activated Journey, you can now not just look at the total entries, exits and stepwise user numbers, but also see a consolidated report around the “Engagement” impact through this Journey. You can see the overall channel level impact, broken down by campaigns, which you can further drill into. There’s much more coming out on this front. Keep watching this space for updates.

Conversion Tracking With Test & Control

December 18, New Feature

We’re happy to release Conversion 2.0, now available with our Push, Web Push, Email and SMS engagement channels. You can now specify a goal (conversion event) while creating these campaigns, attach a conversion window, specify a control group for measuring uplift and figure out the actual impact your campaigns have beyond views and clicks. Blog post coming soon.

Personalization Using Journey Data

December 18, Improvement

This is a giant leap forward for our Personalization Engine. In a User Journey, you can now make API calls to fetch data from your CRM, LMS etc. just in time before using that data for personalizing the content of campaigns in the same Journey. You can also use data from events referred to in the same Journey as well. Detailed Read.

Campaign/Journey Copy Between Accounts

December 12, Fix

Copying a Journey from one account to another wouldn’t copy the underlying segments used in the Journey. Copying an In-app message from one account to another wouldn’t copy the underlying theme. Both these issues have been resolved in this release.

Segmentation – Use System Attributes

December 12, Improvements

You’ve always had the ability to create segments by specifying criteria involving custom user attributes. This release extends that ability by providing a way to create segments with criteria involving system attributes (reserved attributes) such as gender, last_seen, birth_date etc.

Web Push – Browser based Engagement Stats

December 12, Improvements

Web push engagement stats – including views, clicks, CTR etc., can now be split and viewed by browsers. This means you can gauge the impact of your users’ underlying platform on your conversion rates.

Web Push – Opt-In Prompt Targeting

December 1, New Feature

This release introduces the ability to target and trigger the web push opt-in prompt. So now, instead of being intrusive and asking for permission to “show notifications” as soon as a user opens your web page, you can target and trigger this prompt based on page rules, depth of engagement, even business events – such as “on purchase”.

Rich Push Notifications – Introducing Carousel Push

November 23, New Feature

Rich push notifications for Android and iOS apps make push messages more visually appealing and interactive, leading to deeper engagement. Today we’re happy to launch support for banner and carousel layouts. Please go through the linked blog post for further details or feel free to reach out to us at support[at]webengage[dot]com. Detailed Read.

Introducing click tracking for SMS campaigns

November 23, Improvements

You can now track clicks and CTR for links embedded in SMS campaigns. We already used to provide dispatch and delivery metrics in SMS campaign stats. Delivery stats rely on the intermediate SSP passing that data along to us. However, clicks are independently tracked by WebEngage because the links you embed are auto-wrapped by us before sending the messages.

Hashed PII and Private ESP / SSP support

November 5, New Feature

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of users such as email ID & mobile number can now be passed to WebEngage in an encrypted format. Along with this, you can also set up your own private Email Service Provider (ESP) & SMS Service Provider (SSP) end-points. This means that you can continue to run personalized email & SMS campaigns without actually sharing user’s PII with WebEngage. Please contact your account manager or support[at]webengage[dot]com for a demo.

New ESP (Kenscio) and SSP (TeleCard) Added to WebEngage Service Partners!

October 27, Improvements

We’re happy to add integrations with two more service providers – Kenscio – for email delivery and TeleCard – for SMS delivery. This brings our total tally of supported delivery service providers to 18. Also, coming soon – support for adding your own private ESP / SSP.

New In-App Messaging Layouts – Header, Footer, Modal

October 27, Improvements

We’re super excited to enrich our In-App messaging designer with 3 new layouts – Header, Footer, Modal. All layouts support configurable call to actions. This brings our total tally of out-of-the-box In-app messaging layouts to 5.

Integrations with 2 more SSPs – 2factor & Movile

October 18, Improvements

Today, we’ve released integration options for two additional SMS service providers – 2factor and Movile. On navigating to Configurations page under the Settings menu, you’ll find these two options listed under the SMS tab. For any help setting this up, please feel free to reach out to support[at]webengage[dot]com.

Web Push – New Engagement Channel Added!

September 14, New Feature

Our sixth engagement channel – Web Push, sometimes also referred to as Browser Push, comes out in private beta today. It basically opens up a whole new avenue of browser-based engagement on desktop and mobile web, even with anonymous users. To request access, please reach out to your Account Manager or drop us an email at support[at]webengage[dot]com. Detailed Read. Documentation.

Data Management – You can now upload your Users and Events

September 12, New Feature

This was one of the most requested features, especially by new customers who wanted a solution for the cold start problem. We heard you. We’re happy to release an easy and intuitive way to upload your user and event data using CSV files. This feature is available through the Data Management link under the top right menu. Please feel free to reach out to us at support[at]webengage[dot]com in case of queries or suggestions. Detailed Read.

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