Say hello to shiny new, fully customizable WebEngage feedback tabs

Say hello to shiny new, fully customizable WebEngage feedback tabs

From being a feature request to almost life threatening support calls – a fully customizable feedback tab has been one of the most requested features of all times at WebEngage. We kept deferring this till date because the task was a bit non-trivial in nature. WebEngage is available in 11 languages as of now, but the tab, thus far, was only offered in English.

Not any more. We did it, finally! Have a look at these shiny tabs underneath; now you can create one for your website in a language of your choice.

Some examples of custom feedback tabs. You can choose your own feedback text, color, background color and border color for the tab.

Oh, and we have a reason for our non-english customers to rejoice as well. Now, in a first, we let you choose your own unicode text to display on the tab!

Underneath is a preview from the WebEngage dashboard to illustrate how does the tab customization UI looks like for a customer.

Customizing the feedback tab. Manage at Dashboard > Settings > Feedback Configuration > Feedback Layout

Notes related to this new feature:

  1. All existing customers have been upgraded to the new design of feedback tab. Those who chose custom background colors earlier will see their tabs in the same background color and border.
  2. WebEngage icon in the tab is turned on by default for all customers. Premium or Assisted Plan customers can choose to turn it off for their corresponding tabs.
  3. Like all sweet things inside WebEngage, customization of your tab in the dashboard doesn’t need any code changes on your site. The changes will automatically reflect on your tab.
We scanned our database before publishing this post to find out some of the shiniest WebEngage tabs around. These guys seem to have done a great job –, and Do you think yours is better? Show us!

Go ahead, get a über cool tab and an entire feedback/support management tool for your website. Oh yes, for FREE! Sign-up today for WebEngage.

Stay tuned. We love you!

  • Created: 01 Apr 2012
  • Last Updated: 12 Jan 2022



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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