The nights that were ...

The nights that were ...

Since last Thursday (16th June, 2011), we have spent a couple of nights at our office, working all night. As we draw closer to our next (read BIG) release, there was a consensus within the team to give things that extra push. And so we did. I am proud of the passion and commitment that all of us displayed to get there. But, as always, we had to face some challenges. Not related to building the product mind you, I am talking about operational challenges! Sounds silly? Read further …

The premises out of which we operate goes haunted at 10pm. We have done numerous night-outs in the past and over a period of time learned things the hard way. If you operate out of Shagun Arcade (Goregaon East, Mumbai) or plan to shift here, we have a _what_not_to_do_during_nightouts list ready for you –

  1. Don’t go to the washroom w/o your mobile phone because you may never find the way back to your office.
  2. Don’t plan to leave around midnight. No way, because you are at the mercy of a pricey security guard who locks the main entrance and sits outside with the keys. He is happiest person on this planet – he enjoys the soundest sleep ever recorded in the history of mankind.
  3. Don’t run out of your stocks – beers, tea, cigarettes …, whatever is needed to keep you up all night. You’ll make several failed attempts to move out of the premises to buy these before you realize the importance of maintaining a stockpile.

We got experimental with all sort of teas – green, lemon and masala, to keep us motivated (pic above). And it helped, so much so that we have finally released surveys! Woohoo! Yes, you heard that right. The much awaited feature is now live on our site and is currently being tested. We’ll make it available for you in another 2/3 days. A blog post coming soon w/ an announcement.

Stay tuned. We love you!

  • Created: 24 Jun 2011
  • Last Updated: 06 Sep 2018



Avlesh Singh CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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