[Dashboard Update] Transfer Ownership Of Your WebEngage Accounts

[Dashboard Update] Transfer Ownership Of Your WebEngage Accounts

We shipped a brand new update to your WebEngage dashboard last weekend: Transfer Ownership in the administration area.

What does it do?
In simple terms, it lets you transfer your (or your account admin’s) rights to someone else.

Why do I need it?
You will find this feature helpful for a couple of use-cases. We are highlighting some underneath:

  1. Agencies, who manage WebEngage accounts for their customers, typically sign-up on their behalf. As, a next step, they would add the customer as an administrator for their account and then remove themselves altogether. With more and more agencies coming on board WebEngage, we realized this was a pain point. Now, with this feature, agencies can thank us.
  2. An employee, currently managing your WebEngage account, decides to leave the company and you have to transfer the responsibility to a new person. We know that this situation is traumatic; so, we made sure the pain and friction is reduced on our end, as much as possible 🙂
  3. With the FREE tier, there was no way to “delete” yourself and “add” another admin to the account, because the feature “add admin” isn’t available in the free plan. Free plan customers will no longer need to update their personal email info to receive end user feedback in a different mailbox.

Ah, got it. How does this work?
This option is available for each of your widget accounts. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Administration and follow the steps underneath:

Step 1. Navigate to your administration area. Click on Transfer Ownership

Step 2. Add details of the new owner

Step 3. An email is sent to new owner. Transfer is pending activation (as per instructions in email)

Step 4. Yay! Bbye old admin. Welcome new admin.

Stay tuned. We love you!

  • Created: 11 Feb 2013
  • Last Updated: 05 Sep 2018



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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