[Release Announcement] Unveiling A Brand New Dashboard - Do.The.New

[Release Announcement] Unveiling A Brand New Dashboard - Do.The.New

I thank you, the customer, from the bottom of my heart for your faith in the product. It’s exciting to see those amazing use-cases that you build every day on top of our products, your increasing spends on us ;-), your love emails … the list is endless!

The fact that you continued to love us despite all the hardships while using the classic edition of our dashboard, humbles me. You know that we continued to build more value for you. Be it leave intent targeting, or, survey branching, or, multiple notification layouts. We were focused on building stuff that helps you improve conversion rates on your site. I thank you for standing by us.

It is fascinating to know that every day, on average, you spend 38 minutes on the dashboard! That’s a hell lot of time to spend on something that doesn’t look pretty 🙂

We knew that …

  • you could not use our dashboard on the go.
  • you could not download that NPS score or Customer Satisfaction survey report last minute to refer to, in your monthly review meetings.
  • once you stepped out of your office, it was damn difficult to fix the typo in that active notification, which your boss reported late in the evening and you had no access to a PC.
  • it was hard to search through those 100+ active notifications concurrently running across your website.
  • it was extremely cumbersome to find settings and configurations that you set once.
  • it was a herculean task to view the feedback emails (in your inbox) in the context of who the user is and your prior conversations with the user.

All that is set to change as the old is, finally, making way for the new. Here’s how:

Loved it? Check out the new dashboard in action →

My team is working overtime to streamline the user experience on the new dashboard. We’ll keep the classic edition live for a few weeks, just in case you don’t like our new stuff. Underneath is a screenshot of how to switch between the two versions:

If you face any issues while using the new dashboard, please drop us feedback. We’ll proactively engage to seek your inputs inside the new dashboard – of course by using our own survey product 😉

My design team will soon publish a detailed post on what went into shaping this new look and experience. As promised, we are committed to delivering the most amazing software experience for you! Thanks for helping us get there.

– Avlesh

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Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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