WebEngage To Increase Its Headcount By 20% In Q1 2020

WebEngage To Increase Its Headcount By 20% In Q1 2020

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I am pretty sure you love the content that Forum and her team produce here on this platform. The good work by this team essentially allows folks like me to post the occasional boring stuff. So, there you go…

First things first – on behalf of Team WebEngage, I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020.

It feels great to share with you that for the last two years in a row, WebEngage has grown in revenue and scale at the rate of 100% year-on-year. And, we intend to repeat this in 2020. At our current base, it is not going to be an easy task. That’s why we have started looking out for some incredible people to join us at this stage of our journey and help us get there. WebEngage caters to mid-market and enterprise customers across multiple geographies, including India, MENA, EU, SEA, and the US. We are physically present in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Dubai.

We are a team of about 130 people as of this morning. We’ll add another 25 people by the end of March 2020. Underneath is a quick rundown on what we are looking for across teams.

Direct reportees to me and Ankit (my co-founder):
We are looking to hire our first VP, Operations and Strategy (or equivalent). I have been doing this job for the last 8 years. I have lost a lot of hair just trying to make things work across the board; and, I want to retain whatever is left 🤦‍♀️

We are also looking to hire our first CMO (or equivalent). We have an incredible marketing team of about 15 in size. With three focus areas including PPC, Content Marketing and Branding, we have built a solid foundation that could do 10x more under a great leader. While I have been trying to fill this gap for some time now, I am clearly not that person. So yes, I need to be rescued from this job too.

You are eligible for the above two if you have spent considerable time building and scaling any SaaS company before in a similar capacity at the scale of $10-$50M in annual revenue.

The best way to approach us for these positions is to get referred by fellow founders (most of them love us) or VCs (some of them love us too).

Engineering and DevOps:
With over 2.5 billion data points being tracked every day, WebEngage has seen a massive transformation in its approach towards data and data-backed decision-making for our customers. We see an enormous opportunity to build for customers in emerging markets where the user behavior is unlike what we see in mature markets. Our next phase of growth will be fueled by engineering-led innovation for such customers and markets.

The best way to approach us for senior engineering roles is to reach out to Ankit (if you could find a way to reach him and get his attention, consider yourself hired already), Manish or Raahul. Or, you can try getting referred by a team member at WebEngage – more than half of our hires are via internal referrals.

Sales, Partnerships and Business Development:
If you have sold earlier at any SaaS setup with owning up and delivering on annual targets of $1M or thereabouts, we are looking for you. You get to sell the most loved user engagement platform of our times and get to work with some of the best folks you’d have come across in your professional career.

We run a wonderful channel partner program generating about $2M in annual revenue for our partners across the globe. We intend to grow this ecosystem 3x this year and we are committed to investing in the success of our partners. If you have played the role of an enabler at partner ecosystems before, we are looking for you.

The best way to approach us for any of the above roles is to reach out to Apoorv. He would most likely be running a marathon somewhere when you make an outreach. But, you got to be persistent. That’s his way of finding out if you are a fit for the team (thank me later for the insider info!).

Customer Success, Implementation Services and Support:
A lot of people find it very amusing when I tell them that the biggest moat in our business is to make the tool work for our customers. One of the (many) challenges in servicing customers across emerging markets is to ensure that customers are extracting true value out of the platform. It starts with a near-perfect on-boarding and ends with education.

A lot of playbooks on customer success are available for commodity SaaS products. For a complex product category like multi-channel marketing & marketing automation workflow, we saw an opportunity to re-invent how onboarding and service delivery were done. If you glance through our case studies, you’ll find dozens of instances where customers testify how moving to WebEngage turned things around for them. We are scaling these delivery teams across all locations and building processes to institutionalize tribal knowledge. If you no longer enjoy being the non-existent customer success manager in a no-touch/very-low-touch setup and, you want to make a meaningful impact in your customers’ life by generating more revenues for them – WebEngage is where you belong! Reach out to Keyur, if you wish to be considered for any of the above roles.

Other than the roles listed above, we are hiring across many open positions in Marketing and Operations. We will refresh the careers page on our site in a week. Until then, you can reach out to Nisha to find out more and apply for any of the available positions.

We are one of those rare few companies which are loved by their customers and employees alike! On our journey to delivering a great SaaS success story from India, in a category crowded by various American products, we could use your help in achieving the goal by hiring some misfits who haven’t found their home yet. Please share this post and spread the word in your network 🙏

Onwards and upwards!

  • Created: 13 Jan 2020
  • Last Updated: 11 Jan 2022



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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