WebEngage Will Be A Remote Workplace In 2020

WebEngage Will Be A Remote Workplace In 2020

I am writing this to share that WebEngage, Marketing automation company has extended remote working for all our team members till 31st Dec 2020. About 150 Engagers across 5 different locations will now have the flexibility to work from any place of their choice.

Nearly 5 months ago, the COVID pandemic forced us to shut our offices and embrace work from home. We didn’t even get ample time to test our WFH readiness for all teams. And, the uncertainty on how long would it last, loomed large.

Ankit and I were left amazed by the team’s resolve to make it work. I am very proud to share with you that none of our team members were either laid off or had to go through any pay cut because of the crisis. On the contrary, after a brief period of slowdown in Mar/Apr, we are now growing at the same pace as our pre-COVID times! Furthermore, five months into working remotely, the teams are loving it. Pretty much like all other remote-first companies worldwide, we are slowly and gradually discovering the advantages and shortcomings of remote work from our first hand experiences.

Yesterday, in our team town-hall, we announced extension of our remote work set up till the end of 2020.

What does it mean for our team, customers and partners?

  • Through 31st Dec, 2020, Engagers can work from any location of their choice. This will hold true even if our offices reopen.
  • We have set up a wellness fund to help Engagers enhance their work setup at home.
  • All our internal standups and team meetings will be completely virtual. We intend to fully adapt to this mode of internal team engagement going forward.
  • The comfort and ease of organizing virtual meetings has allowed us to invest more time on learning and education for our customers and partners. We intend to do a lot more of these in the future.
  • Our hugely admired customer success and services operations has gotten further more efficient in the remote set up. If you are a customer, you can expect us to bring you more delight.

Being able to hire talent without geographical bounds is a super power for companies. We have started to exercise some of it since we resumed hiring two months ago; and, the results have been magical. If you wish to explore career opportunities at WebEngage, here’s the list of open positions.

There are still a lot of open questions about how 2021 is going to be. We don’t know the answers yet. However, I am super confident that as we enter 2021, we’d be a lot more resilient, efficient and productive team than we have ever been in our 8+ year journey.

Stay safe.

– Avlesh

  • Created: 15 Aug 2020
  • Last Updated: 21 Oct 2021



Avlesh Singh Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage

Avlesh is the co-founder and CEO at WebEngage. He occasionally writes here and on his personal blog.

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