Build a Strong Data Culture With a Robust CDP

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  • Collect Data

    Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time.

  • Unify Profiles

    Get a 360-degree view of your customers with actionable insights.

  • Protect Data

    Ensure data security with role based access control and real-time alerts.

What Makes WebEngage CDP
The Best-In-Class?

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  • Kill Data Silos and Prevent Data from Falling Through the Cracks

    Integrate seamlessly with external data sources, and stitch customer data together to create a single source of truth.

    ✓ Web and App SDK

    ✓ 3rd-Party Integrations

  • Build Rich Customer Profiles in Real-time

    Get a 360° view of your customers, track customer interactions and create hyper-personalized user engagements in real-time.

    ✓ Unified Customer Profiles

    ✓ Real-Time Data Refresh

  • Protect Customer Data and Comply with Global Privacy Regulations

    Give your customers the privacy they rightfully need and ensure data confidentiality with role-based access control and real-time alerts.

    ✓ ISO:27001 Certified

    ✓ GDPR Compliant

Empower Teams With Data-Driven Decision Making

Share clean, up-to-date data with your marketing, product, and engineering teams though a single, shared dashboard.


CDP That Gives You Super Powers!

Take the leap towards becoming a data-driven super-marketer! Evolution begins here.

  • User Attributes

  • Acquisition Channels

  • Channel Reachability

  • User Events

  • Device Technology

  • Geolocation

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