Why Use WebEngage for Google Ads?

  • Export User Segments

    Export specific segments of users directly to your Google ads account for remarketing.

  • Create Lookalike Audiences

    Create targeting rules on Google based on your existing buyer persona.

  • Targeted Remarketing

    Showcase high-conversion ads on Google that hit the right note with your customers.

Easy one-click integration

Integrate your Google Ad accounts with WebEngage and start engaging your users across Google search & shopping, Google Display Network, and YouTube.

  • Target the Right Users through Google Ads with a Data-Backed Approach

    Create user segments based on user persona, demographic and behavioral information and target them across various Google platforms.


    Think beyond siloed marketing. Think multi-channel.

    Integrate Google ads with 10 other engagement channels and create a truly multi-channel experience for your users.

Create High-Intent, Matching Buyer Personas

Export audiences with high purchase intent directly to your Facebook Ad accounts to run highly targeted ad campaigns and increase your ROAS.


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