Solving The Customer Engagement Puzzle Across Industries

Get expert consultation, setup assitance and a 24 x 7 available support. We make sure that the only tough part for you is managing sales.

  • E-Commerce

    Increase conversion, reduce cart abandonment and increase retention for your brand.

  • EdTech

    Drive Views, increase Subscriptions and boost Engagement for your EdTech Business.

  • Banking and Financial Services

    Build Trust & Credibility with your customers with timely nudges and knowledge transfer.

  • Direct-To-Consumers

    Reduce customer churn and increase brand loyalty for your Direct-to-Consumer Business.

  • Gaming & Entertainment

    Turn free gamers into paying customers with a highly curated engagement strategy.

  • Travel & Hospitality

    Increase travel bookings, upsell packages and boost the Average Order Value.

  • 360° View of your Customers’ Data on a Single Screen

    Leverage user profiles to understand everything from demographic and behavioral data, custom attributes, channel reachability, etc. to run targeted campaigns for the right set of users.

  • Personalize your campaigns at scale!

    Drive brand loyalty and increase customer engagement with well-timed, relevant, personal, and contextual messages.

Automate your Marketing Campaigns in a Few Simple Clicks

Create automation workflows within minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.


Bring Campaign Analytics to the Centre of all your Engagement & Retention Efforts

  • Data-rich reports & Visual dashboards

  • Multichannel Campaign Management

  • Conversion & Revenue Tracking

  • DnD, Throttling & Frequency Capping

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