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Trusted by 50,000+ global brands

Once a customer, always an evangelist!


Create immersive multi-channel engagement strategies!

Connect with your users on a channel of their choice! Choose one, or create a mix. Focus on your campaigns and leave the ops to us!

Increase purchase likelihood with personalized recommendations

Take cues from the past purchase behavior and engagement levels, and recommend products your users are most likely to buy. Get up to 25% higher purchase frequency on your marketing campaigns.

Leverage funnel analytics to find and fix drop-offs

Track user movements on your platforms and use funnels to identify drop-offs in your onboarding, product discovery and user journeys.

Influence conversions and maximize AOV through timely nudges

Put your automation efforts behind designing superior cross-channel campaigns and high converting user journeys to quickly get your users past the point where they become most likely to convert.

Boost repeat purchases to grow your loyal customer base

Get your first-time buyers to make recurring purchases from you by understanding their behavior patterns, product inclinations & the type of messaging that stimulates them.

Get better ROI on your د.إ spent on acquisition

Align your marketing channels to the revenue generated. Differentiate between your most & least effective revenue generation avenues and orient your spends accordingly.

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