What Makes WebEngage the Most Sophisticated SMS Marketing Platform?

  • Transactional Campaigns

    Send transactional updates and critical account updates to your users (with template whitelisting)

  • Unmatched Delivery Rates

    Get the highest delivery rates with reachability checks and a robust delivery amplification engine.

  • Real-time Reports

    Track campaign performances and visualize key metrics in real-time with granular user-level insights.

Different Use Cases, Different Templates

Use our pre-designed templates to create powerful SMS campaigns. Just add your message with elements of personalization, links to web pages, or app screens – test your campaign and launch!

  • Hyper-Personalize Every Aspect of Your SMS Communications

    Send relevant communications by personalizing every SMS with user details, preferences, and behavior in real-time data from the WebEngage Customer Data Platform.

  • Orchestrate Your SMS Campaigns Based on User Actions

    Trigger SMS campaigns based on user actions. Upcoming due date? Send reminders. Order placed? Send tracking information. Items in wishlist? Send discount codes.

1000 Reasons to Love WebEngage’s SMS Marketing Platform

Here are a few we think you’d agree with too!

  • Dynamic Templating

  • DLT Support

  • User level Insights

  • Data Platform Integration

  • A/B Testing

  • Send Time Optimization

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