Here’s Why Our Customers Love WebEngage’s WhatsApp Marketing Platform

  • Ease of Setup

    Easy, 2-step integration with the WSP of your choice.

  • Personalization

    Add a human touch to your campaigns by personalizing your messages.

  • Rich Messaging

    Support for Text, Images, Location, Videos and other rich-media.

Personalize your WhatsApp Messages to Add a Human Touch

Send relevant communication by personalizing every WhatsApp message on the basis of your users’ details, preferences, and behavior.

  • Enrich WhatsApp Messages With Data from Your Systems

    Fetch real-time data from the WebEngage CDP, your preferred CRM, or any other data source to personalize your messages.

  • Orchestrate Your WhatsApp Campaigns Based on User Actions

    Build workflows to send contextual messages based on your customers’ actions. Users added a product to cart but failed to checkout? Send a checkout reminder on WhatsApp!

What makes WebEngage’s WhatsApp Marketing Platform the Best?

  • Dynamic Templating

  • User Level Insights

  • Send Time Optimization

  • A/B Testing

  • Deep Linking

  • Data Platform Integration

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