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WebEngage has greatly improved our ability to communicate directly with our customers.

As a SaaS solution, we are releasing new features to our customers on a weekly basis, and needed a way to notify our customers in real-time as we deployed them to our app. We use WebEngage's notification tool, and target the notifications based on cookies that we set in our application to reach a desired subset of our users. When we have questions about how much customers value our features, we use WebEngage's survey tool to gather input, and refine recent releases.

We could not be happier with our decision to use WebEngage, and strongly recommend it to anyone else needing a more effective way to communicate directly with customers.

Brandon Terry Product Manager, Procore Technologies

WebEngage has helped us figure out if our content is meeting the needs of our web audience, enabling us to pick up the conversation with those frustrated visitors right at that moment before they leave. Thanks to WebEngage, our approach to web marketing has turned into a more customer-centric experience: we are constantly tweaking our content to match with the content our audience really wants to read.

Fabrice Renucci EMEA Online Customer Acquisition Manager, RingCentral

At Makemytrip, we use a wide variety of tools - ranging from customer support to marketing tools etc. When I came across WebEngage, the idea just seemed fabulous; not only did it promise easy collection of feedback but also made conducting hyper targeted, in-site surveys look like a piece of cake. We immediately decided to give it a go. And within the first 14 days of pilot, the team at MMT loved it.

We have been using the tool with great success. Be it running sector specific marketing campaigns via Notifications or collecting insights via Surveys or simply hearing the voice of our customers via the Feedback tab, WebEngage just works!

I love them for their speed of execution and proactive support. My best wishes to this stellar team.

Rajnish Kapur Chief Innovation & Customer Experience Officer, MakeMyTrip

Reliance General Insurance (RGI) was looking at ways and means to get real-time feedback from customers and website visitors on various sales and service initiatives. The mainstream channel for customers to communicate with us was via Call Center or visit to our branches. Partnering with WebEngage, RGI now has a new "listening post" on the web .. which is convenient for customers and gives instant insight to what the customer wants and gives us an opportunity to service her needs.

The platform also allows RGI to run Surveys and, of late, Notifications on the website. These initiatives are helping us improve our Brand visibility on the web.

The Administrator module is intuitive and WebEngage provides a set of rich reports to analyze feedback and survey data. We are happy with this partnership and wish Team WebEngage all the best in growing this platform.

Sudip Banerjee CTO & Head - Online Sales, Reliance General Insurance

Engaging your customers online can be as simple, or as complicated as you would like it to be. When you are designing disruptive technology for the book industry like we are at Booktrope, frankly, you don't need anything that adds complexity, you need something that works and works consistently. We turned to WebEngage to gather customer feedback in an effective way. Thanks WebEngage!

Andy Roberts Chief Technical Officer, Booktrope

The customers' feedback is quite important for any business entrepreneur to achieve marketing goals and objectives. At Indiatimes we are constantly looking for ways to listen to what our users are saying and make changes accordingly. WebEngage has helped us in listening to our users and give our readers a fantastic user's experience.

Kunal Sheth General Manager - Head R&D Technology, Indiatimes

WebEngage is a great product! The powerful survey tool helps us engage site visitors and helps in improving conversions. We have conducted innumerable smart surveys targeted to specific visitors. Justeat is a local business and hence our surveys are often based on geography, we use it extensively to not only engage users with local offerings but also to understand the performance of our other marketing initiatives. Customizing a survey is quick and easy, such that it can be done by complete non techies. The simplicity of the tool is of great help to companies of all sizes who wish to try out ideas quickly without having to involve developers. The effort put by the WebEngage team is apparent, it scores over other competitors in the space due to its simplicity, robustness and ease of use.

Ritesh Dwivedy CEO, Justeat India

WebEngage is an excellent customer feedback tool to be used with your new and existing client base. They have a great way to export reports which saves a lot of time and resources for our company. The customizable feedback widget is very useful and well designed. Very simple to use which requires a one-time code that is added to your main web page. My personal favorite feature is the ability to see a quick overview of survey responses from the dashboard without downloading an excel file. Straight to the point! Their support is fast to respond and fixes all necessary problems that you may encounter. We started doing business with them and have developed a great relationship. Thank you WebEngage!

Jason Tolentino Market Analyst, CruiserCustomizing INC

WebEngage has a very power set up of tools that help us keep tap of our users. Its feedback tool is a virtual customer care tool for us, that helps us answer user queries. The notification tool comes handy when we need to get attention on our new launches. We look forward to new and exciting features from WebEngage that will add more value to our business.

Ram Jalan Head, Products - Mobile, Web and Voice, Getit

I needed a quick and easy way to get customer feedback and didn't have the time or the desire to build my own system. I searched and demoed several solutions and none of them were a good fit for Concerts.com. WebEngage was exactly what we needed and more! It is very easy to install and customize. Within minutes I was getting and easily managing valuable customer feedback. WebEngage has been a lifesaver for me.

Butch Ewing Developer, Concerts.com

At Future Bazaar, we simply love WebEngage. One of our key challenges was to get closer to customer feedback and WebEngage helps us do that and much more. We also love the fact that WebEngage is very easy to integrate. We have been using the tool for over an year now, the team has been highly approachable and proactive in providing support whenever need be.

Zishaan Hayath Head - Product Management, Futurebazaar.com

WebEngage has been important towards driving customer demand since we adopted this tool. It provided us an easy and user friendly way to formulate customer specific marketing campaigns - a strategy which had immediate revenue impact for us.

WebEngage has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools that I have come across as a product manager, and strongly recommend it to achieve greater ROI in a short time.

Animesh Kumar Head - Domestic Airline Product, Yatra

In a complex Web project for a dynamic startup company nobody wants to reinvent the wheel. Our decision for WebEngage after evaluating other tools was because of the transparent easy to use backend and the short implementation process. We got immediate support with questions while we discovered the features of WebEngage. Great team - thank you.

Konstantin Pflüger Managing Director, Anywhere mobile GmbH

4th Aspect is a Web Based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing Toolkit for Professional Digital Agencies and Website Owners. Being web based and with an international client base, we soon realised that we needed an easy and professional way of allowing customers to feedback to us on technical issues, suggestions for product enhancements, or even just to say Hi! - enter WebEngage!

WebEngage was extremely easy to integrate into our application, very reasonably priced and full of great features too, we had the Feedback facility integrated and up and running in less than an hour.

I would not hesitate to recommend WebEngage to any business that is serious about professional delivery of customer experience at all levels.

Dave Glynn & Claire Glynn Founders and Directors, 4th Aspect

As a serial entrepreneur I am keenly aware that partnering with firms that are agile, focused on their mission, and just plain good is as essential to businesses success as your own, internal performance. When we went looking for a way to collect feedback and interact with users in a targeted way, we were very fortunate to find WebEngage. Our UX designers are constantly focusing on how to improve our customer experience, so we needed to find a system that wouldn't detract from the user experience but still be ever-present and intuitive to use for our clients. WebEngage provides that and more. I couldn't be happier with the ease of implementation and the responsiveness in the WebEngage team.

Christopher Getner Co-Founder & CTO, Hilo, Inc.
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