EngageMint 2022 Speakers



At WebEngage, we recognize the foundational role Customer Engagement and Retention plays in building a robust business. EngageMint is our initiative to bring Retention to the center of the conversation, accelerate the growth of the ecosystem by sharing of deep actionable insights by thought leaders and playbooks by operators. If we can enable the success of more startups and ventures using the power of retention, we'd consider our mission successful.



WebEngage is a full-stack customer engagement and retention platform that helps consumer businesses increase their customer lifetime value. Get a unified view of your customers with a robust customer data platform, engage them across 11+ channels with automation workflows, and hyper-personalize their experiences with a state-of-the-art personalization engine, all backed by a solid analytics framework.

With a mission to humanize the World's Websites & Apps, we now power over 1 Billion messages sent every day to our customers across 50+ countries, and 20+ industries.