Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebEngage?

WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform which automates communication across users' life-cycle. It enables you to connect with them through these channels - Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Emails and Text Messages.

WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user (registered, as well as anonymous) using your website and/or mobile app. Moreover, you can ‘segment’ these users based on their behavior, and engage with them via multiple channels.

In a nutshell, WebEngage automates user engagement and helps you retain and grow your user base.

How is WebEngage different from conventional marketing automation tool?

WebEngage allows you to go beyond lead nurture phase and start engaging with users till they become customers. Conventional marketing automation tool rely heavily on identified users on your website or mobile app, while WebEngage allows any business to engage with anonymous users as well. That’s not all. WebEngage also allows you to create a multi channel engagement campaign using ‘Journey designer’. More here.

What is onsite engagement?

Sending targeted communication to users active on website is termed as Onsite engagement. It applies to both anonymous and identified users on website.

How does WebEngage enable multi-channel campaign management?

WebEngage enables businesses to profile, engage and convert users via their website, mobile app, email and sms channels. Creating a unified profile of users accessing multiple channels/devices, segmenting these users based on their profile and user events and creating engagement/retention campaigns from a single workflow comprises of MCCM within WebEngage.

How does WebEngage engage with website users?

WebEngage tracks both anonymous and identified users on web channel. It allows businesses to create custom segments and target them via engagement campaigns.

How does WebEngage help in increasing retention in mobile app?

On integrating WebEngage with your mobile app, WebEngage can let you create meaningful user segments and target them with campaigns via push message, in-app notification, email and sms channels. WebEngage can be helpful across user’s lifecycle for new user’s onboarding, engagement campaigns with active users and re-activation campaigns for lost users.

I already have a ESP for my email campaigns. Can I re-use it within WebEngage?

Yes! Absolutely. We understand that migrating from existing ESPs can be a tough call as it significantly impacts delivery rates. In WebEngage, you can simply pass on the credentials for respective ESP and start using it for engagement campaigns. WebEngage is not a mass blast email tool, but a tool that can used for sending one-on-one email communication to your user list.

What is different about WebEngage's triggered sms campaigns?

WebEngage is not a mass blast SMS tool, but a tool to send triggered SMS communication individually or to a selected segment. You can add on your existing SMS service provider within WebEngage and start sending campaigns instantly. WebEngage can be a great value add, if you are looking to synchronize SMS communication with other messages triggered via other channels.

Does WebEngage offer campaign analytics?

Yes, WebEngage provides campaign stats and lets you analyse the effectiveness of the campaign and also let you compare campaign effectiveness for its variants using AB testing.

I am a startup/small firm. Do I really need WebEngage?

Startups/small firms can use WebEngage suite across its breadth and understand how it can fit for user retention and conversion strategy. If you are worried about pricing, we don’t charge businesses with less than 10,000 monthly users. For most startups and small businesses, this should suffice.

For which industries do WebEngage found good use-cases?

WebEngage is a unique marketing automation tool that caters to all industry categories like e-commerce, travel/hospitality, banking & finance, real estate, classifieds, b2b, media & entertainment, healthcare etc.

I am a product marketer. Is WebEngage useful for me too?

WebEngage can be a great tool for product managers specifically to drive conversion metrics or gain customer insights for their business.

I need WebEngage to be integrated with other products. Can I get access WebEngage using APIs?

Yes, we provide ability to pass data to and from WebEngage with our APIs. Read on here.

What do I need to get started?

For basic usage, you just need to signup, add WebEngage integration code to your website/mobile app and activate campaigns within your dashboard. For best results, we recommend passing events from your website/mobile app to WebEngage. Read more here.

Can I selectively choose to use few channels for engagement using WebEngage?

Definitely, you may choose to use any combination of channels for your use cases. You can choose to combine web engagement with email, mobile app engagement with email and sms etc.

How do I measure if WebEngage is helping my business or not?

WebEngage lets to keep track of campaign effectiveness using goals. Simply put, you can track whether and how much WebEngage campaigns are driving your conversions.

Can I get customised campaign created from WebEngage?

Yes, you can choose to avail Professional services support. Our team would offer high quality consultation and campaign management support for a fee.

What is MAU?

MAUs (monthly active users) are the total users active on your website or mobile app.

Why is your pricing based on MAUs and not contacts?

We believe it is fair to charge you only for users that you are currently engaging with and not previously acquired or inactive user list that you might have acquired in the past. There is no upper limit to contacts that you can store within WebEngage.

Do I get entire suite or can I try Alacarte?

You get full access to WebEngage suite with no limitation on accessing any channel or product. You can however, choose to use the suite to suit your business needs.

How do I pay for WebEngage?

You can choose to pay either pay online via credit card (via 2checkout payment gateway), paypal or wiretransfer.

I see you have a Free plan. What's the catch?

Free plan has limitation on the volume of usage. The limits set on Free plan would suffice early stage startups or individual users.

I need help urgently. Where should I reach out to?

Drop us a line at support(at)webengage(dot)com, tweet us @WebEngage or dial in at +1 (650) 614-1753 (US) , +91 (22) 61102400 (IN)

I need help with ideation. Do you have any sample templates?

No problem, take a look at our gallery for some cool use-cases and templates. You can add these templates with single click and start using within your dashboard. Take a look here.