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Guide your traffic towards conversion. Display targeted messages to navigate your website visitors towards relevant pages.

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WebEngage Notification Features

Run behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant messages on your website. These messages could be personalized greetings or offers presented to users on your site. Using our leave intent targeting, you can offer freebies (like "Download a whitepaper before you go") or discounts (like "Complete your purchase with this $20 coupon code") to users abandoning your website or the cart/checkout page. With notifications, you can easily keep a check on your bounce rate with smart exit popups. Our targeting engine allows you to choose from a wide variety of rules so that you filter out the users to whom you'd like to push a notification to.

Take a look at our live use-case gallery to see how customers use the notification product - #WebEngageLive

Create a Notification

WebEngage Notifications are an easy way to establish communication with visitors on your website. It is a simple push messaging tool that allows you to - pop discount codes in a targeted manner (e.g. to people sitting idle on the checkout/cart page, for say, a minute), announce new product launches, push a system downtime notice etc.

To create a push Notification, we ask you for these:
  1. Title - an eye catching one-liner for your push message
  2. Description - can be rich text (text formatting, images, links etc)
  3. Call to action button text - something like "Buy now", "Know more →", "Browse our cool new collection" etc
  4. Call to action URL - the URL to which the user clicking on a call-to-action button should be taken to

Notification on website
Create Notification - Add basic details

Other than the above mentioned inputs, you can also choose or create a theme; you can alter the width of the Notification window; choose a layout and choose the target for a call-to-action button (open the URL in a new window or same window).