Smart Website Notifications & Messaging Overlays

Guide your traffic towards conversion. Influence your user's journey with targeted messages.

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Create web messages that enhance the experience. Capture your user's attention with beautiful overlays

Multiple rich layouts to choose from, rich text editor to make your message look beautiful and css customisation abilities to unlimit the potential of web messages.

Website Notification Overlay Tool


Messages so targeted that it feels tailor made

Choose the user segment and show the message only to them on the selected device and platform. Select pre-defined criteria such as page URL targeting, cookie targeting, browsing details or define any rule of your choice with custom rule targeting.

Website Notification Targeting Rules


Catch'em in the act. Trigger messages with maximum effectiveness

Define triggers for your web messages based upon user actions. Choose common user actions such as leave intent, scroll percentage, time spent or any custom event as the trigger for your message.

Website Notification Triggering Rules


Measure edit & reach perfection

Stat snapshots and detailed reports about clicks, conversions and more for a clear picture of what works.

Website Notification Triggering Rules

The One stop solution to multi-channel marketing

User profiles, cross device segmentation, single customer view, personalisation, geo-fencing and much more to automate and super charge your marketing across channels

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