WebEngage generates 10% of total revenues for BannerBuzz, a custom signage E-commerce platform

WebEngage plays a crucial role in our business growth by helping us deliver contextual communication - which leads to an increase in the number of orders & the revenue.

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Amit Bhatia
Head of Marketing, BannerBuzz

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About BannerBuzz

BannerBuzz is an E-commerce platform that offers high-quality products in the custom signage (custom banners and signs, vinyl banners, business signs) and display space. BannerBuzz believes that each brand has a unique persona. They are fully committed to helping brands stand out from the competition through 300+ printing products available for every event, festival, and trade show.

For over 2 decades, BannerBuzz has specialized in creating custom signage and top-notch marketing materials. The brand website facilitates users to design banners or prints and upload an existing artwork of the user’s choice. Once the design is ready, the user can specify the dimensions of the print product and proceed to checkout.

Adopting the right marketing automation platform that meets BannerBuzz’s expectations

To serve different audience segments spread across geographies, the Product & Marketing teams at BannerBuzz decided to adopt WebEngage’s marketing automation platform to:

  • Increase the number of orders and revenue
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate

Here’s a glimpse of the use cases BannerBuzz solves using WebEngage. If you want to get more insights into BannerBuzz’s success story, you must check out the detailed version.👇



  • Convert unknown visitors into known users
  • Accelerate first-time purchases
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate


  • Encouraging visitors to share their email addresses
  • Reaching out to the users on the right channel at the right time
  • Convincing cart abandoners to place an order


  • Intent-based communication on the right channel to encourage maximum form submissions

The Customer Success team (CSM) at WebEngage understood the goals and challenges thoroughly. They suggested the team at BannerBuzz to leverage on-site surveys to engage unknown visitors and capture the visitors’ Email IDs along with their print requirements.

To maximize the effectiveness of on-site surveys, the team at BannerBuzz has created dynamic segments and configured custom targeting rules on the WebEngage dashboard to ensure that ONLY the unknown visitors receive the communication.

  • Hyper-personalized email communication using user journeys

To encourage new users to place an order, BannerBuzz has created hyper-personalized email campaigns using the WebEngage Journey Designer. BannerBuzz sends contextual emails by mapping the right user attributes like print requirement deadline, product type, etc. and encourages new users to place their first order.

  • In-the-moment user engagement campaigns

After analyzing the user behavior on the website, BannerBuzz has decided to use on-site notifications and WebEngage Journey Designer to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Whenever users abandon the cart on the checkout page, an on-site notification is triggered from the WebEngage dashboard. This notification offers a discount coupon code to encourage users to place an order.

If users leave the website without placing an order, then BannerBuzz reaches out to the users on their preferred channels and encourages the users to complete the checkout process.

Arun Jha

Marketing Manager, BannerBuzz

The WebEngage Journey Designer helps us save 2X man hours and enables us to deliver effective multi-channel engagement campaigns with absolute ease.


BannerBuzz has been able to increase the number of orders and reduce cart abandonment rate by adopting a hyper-personalized user engagement approach. This has helped the team at BannerBuzz to increase its overall revenue and deliver a best-in-class user experience at scale.

WebEngage generates 10% of total revenues for BannerBuzz | Case Study

Amit Bhatia

Amit Bhatia Head of Marketing, BannerBuzz

WebEngage plays a crucial role in our business growth by helping us deliver contextual communication and experiences to our users – which leads to a constant increase in the number of orders and the revenue. With accurate user data and automated communication, we are able to engage our users in real-time. The WebEngage Journey Designer helps us in executing lifecycle marketing campaigns with ease and aids our Marketing team in driving higher ROI.

Sounds interesting? The detailed version has some fantastic insights!

Download the detailed story

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