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How Yayvo, Pakistan’s largest E-commerce company, uses Personalization and Journeys to increase conversions by 8%
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WebEngage has allowed us to engage our customers through high-impact touchpoints. It’s an irreplaceable tool in our Martech stack.

Adam Dawood
Head, Yayvo.com

Customer Profile

Yayvo is Pakistan’s largest homegrown online shopping destination. It is an offshoot of TCS E-COM which in turn is a subsidiary of TCS Pvt Limited- Pakistan’s largest supply chain company.

The Objective

Product viewed and abandoned is a very common event in the e-commerce business. Users come to the website, view the product, and exit without making the purchase.

Yet, of all the users who visit the website, there would be nearly 2-3 percent of users who would be genuinely interested and they complete their browsing with a transaction.

But the remaining number of users whose percentage is unfortunately huge wouldn’t make a purchase. A large number would never even return to the website.

Sure every user who comes to your website is not going to make a purchase. But it can be safely assumed that even among the users who leave, there would be a good percentage who would have some degree of buying intent. All it needs is a little nudge which if done correctly would lead to a transaction.

Yayvo identified those users and banked on them ultimately increasing their conversion by 8.27%.

The WebEngage Effect

Yayvo ran the following journey to nudge the users who view the product but leave without making the transaction.

Engagement channels used in the journey

  • Web push
  • SMS

Highlights of the journey that ultimately led to the success that it did

Hyper personalization
It is a no-brainer that if the past behavior of the user is referenced the probability of his positive response automatically increases.

Yayvo folks have incorporated personalization in the message at the product level. The user is nudged to purchase that very product which he viewed and left.

How Yayvo increases its conversion rate by 8% | Case Study

Spam checks

It often happens that the user simultaneously becomes part of multiple journeys or workflows. As a user, it means that I am receiving multiple messages from the same company with an entirely different context. And obviously, I am going to hate it.

For a company, this kind of marketing creates more problems than it solves.

To avoid that Yayvo has introduced a check block that filters the users who are already part of another journey. (in this case “Cart Abandonment Journey”)

Reachability check before sending the message
Before sending any message the journey checks if the user is reachable via the desired channel or not. This is very important. It removes unnecessary strain on your system.

The Result

The above journey helped Yayvo achieve an 8.27% uplift in their conversion.
How Yayvo increases its conversion rate by 8% | Case Study

The methodology we followed was- we first calculated the number of conversions that happened post viewing the product within 40 minutes. Then, we calculated the number of users who converted after entering the journey. Taking the former number as the denominator and the latter as numerator we got the conversion uplift which turned out to be 8.27%.

Each message, like we discussed, is hyper-personalized and that fittingly reflects in the CTR too.

At WebEngage, it warms our heart to see the impact that we are able to create in the emerging marketing of Asia. We are proud to be Yayvo’s growth partner and cannot wait to escalate this success to the next level.

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Adam Dawood

Adam Dawood Head, Yayvo.com

WebEngage has allowed us to engage customers through high-impact touchpoints. Rather than having a siloed CRM approach, it ties everything together on a single platform resulting in easier data acquisition and analytics, making WebEngage an irreplaceable tool in our martech stack.

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