How, a large online thrift store, uses WebEngage Surveys to convert website 15% of their visitors into leads

WebEngage provides flexibility in terms of layout designs, customization, targeting, reporting, and integration. Customer Support has been great.

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Customer Profile is the largest American online consignment marketplace for kid’s clothing, baby products, maternity clothing, women’s apparel, and accessories. The company simplifies consignment and makes the process of buying and selling pre-owned items more convenient, safe, and profitable.

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The Objective receives significant traffic through mobile devices. However, users transact mostly from desktop browsers. The Swap team intended to convert their mobile visitors into customers. Web analytics data suggested that the conversion rate of first-time users was very low. Keeping all of the above in mind, this was the broad objective — To collect emails of first-time visitors from the mobile device and generate leads for marketing follow-ups.

The WebEngage Effect

The swap team created a WebEngage lead generation survey to capture the email of unregistered mobile users. The survey was an “on entry” modal window for Swap’s mobile site i.e. any first-time user, landing on their mobile site, on any page, would be intercepted with a modal window as shown below. The platform excluded signed-in and repeat visitors from the “targeting rule” for this campaign. In our experience, an incentive on such forms always leads to a higher response rate; the Swap team was quick to gauge that and they offered a one-time FREE Shipping as an incentive to users to submit leads. converts 15% of mobile website visitors into leads | Case Study

The Process

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a modal lead generation intercept for your website. You start by choosing Surveys > Layout > Modal

choose mobile notification layout

Once you fill in the contents inside the modal window, you define targeting rules. We support a wide range of targeting options – right from choosing page URLs on your site where the intercept should appear, to the geo-location of your visitors who should see this, to the amount of time they spend on your site, etc.

geo targeting for mobile - setup mobile targeting

You can use device and cookie targeting (shown below) to target a segment of users that will find the notification/survey most relevant.

device wise targeting rule setup

cookie's targeting rule setup

The Result

The lead generation survey registered over 100K impressions (was shown to first-time visitors only) out of which over 15% got converted into leads! It turned out to get a huge win for the CRM team; the best they had prior was browsing data of anonymous visitors from their favorite analytics tool. Email subscription growth analysis

WebEngage analysis: geographical growth analysis

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Jussi Koskinen

Jussi Koskinen Co-Founder,

I tested several services before choosing WebEngage. It provides by far the widest flexibility in terms of layout designs, customization, targeting, reporting and integration. We use WE for several different notifications and surveys and it has proven out to be an extremely valuable tool. Their customer support has also been really great.

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