How Kaymu uses On-site Notifications through WebEngage to growth hack their flash sales for 30X better conversions

WebEngage is a complete platform that has allowed us to collect customer feedback & drive more sales. We’ve been able to engage our users precisely.

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Mathilde Hennon
Shop Manager - Asia, Kaymu

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Customer Profile

Kaymu is the #1 online shopping community in 38 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. It connects and empowers buyers to take advantage of the best deals in an extensive range of products including electronics, mobile phones, fashion items and lots of gadgets. Thanks to a transparent price system, Kaymu guarantees that users will always find the lowest prices on the market.

The Objective

As part of its marketing mix, extensively focused on running promotions. Usually, the promotions would run around festivities like Eid, Ramadan, etc. In addition to this, they also offered flash sales that lasted for specific period creating a sense of urgency amongst buyers. These flash deals offered discounts on selected categories of products and would run on the separate page.

Every online business or let’s say, any website for that matter faces a challenge to direct users to discover something that matches their interest. It can be as small as onsite feature discovery, product discovery or directing users to a particular page. Here, the need was to enable flash sales page discovery for users. looked for a way to direct the most relevant traffic to the flash sales page. And then, they stumbled upon an ingenious way to do it.

The WebEngage Effect used various methods to bring traffic to its limited time offers aka flash deals page. Traffic on flash deals pages came from paid campaigns run using channels like Google, Facebook. Hefty invoices usually follow such traffic. Moreover, the conversions weren’t encouraging to justify the expenses incurred for the paid traffic.

Eventually, the marketing team realized the importance to direct ‘interested users’ to flash sales pages.

A simple campaign, targeting the right set of users within their website did the trick for

They designed a WebEngage Notification with countdown timer. The countdown created a sense of urgency for prospects to click before offer lapses.

The notification upon clicking redirected users to flash deals page. growth hacks flash sales for 30X better conversions

The targeting here involved the use of leave-intent and custom rules feature in WebEngage’s arsenal of targeting rule builder.

Leave-intent targeting tracks the movement of mouse cursor of the user, as soon as it is about to leave the tab/close tab, notification triggers into action.

leave intent targeting setup

Now this is one feature that enables targeting a micro-segment of users on your site. ‘Custom Rules,’ a filter in targeting rule builder helps target users on business data/variables (e.g. identifying user type or cart value or past transaction data, etc.). To use custom rules feature, you need to pass data to WebEngage via the Javascript SDK. Read more about it heretargeting a micro-segment - custom rules

In simpler terms, targeted the set of users that were already interested in the category that was on promotion (flash deal).

The Result

The ability to bring meaningful traffic on flash deals page reflected directly in conversions and hence top line. Stats speak for themselves, take a look. growth hacks flash sales for 30X better conversions

A CTR of 2.7% on 12040 unique views on notification resulted in 325 Click-throughs to the flash deals page. Out of the 325 unique visitors landing on flash deals page, 20 bought, that’s 6.15% conversion rate (total no. of orders / total visitor on flash deals page).

Now let’s juxtapose these numbers alongside that of paid traffic coming from various other sources.

In the same period, there were 1895 visitors landing from various other sources including that through Google and Facebook ads. This traffic accounted for only 4 orders; that’s 0.21% conversion rate.

On the whole, WebEngage helped sell more (with 30x better conversions), the performance of flash deals went upwards. And, running ‘flash deals’ became a go-to promotional strategy for

Power-Up Your Conversions Like Kaymu

Mathilde Hennon

Mathilde Hennon Shop Manager - Asia, Kaymu

WebEngage is a complete platform that has allowed Kaymu to collect customers feedback and drive more sales at the same time. Thanks to its advanced technologies, we’ve been able to target precisely our users with the relevant content & reduce drastically cart abandonment. The “WebEngage Stats” dashboard is the icing on the cake for any data-driven company.

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