How, a job listing website, uses Web Pop-ups to increase the number of users updating their profile by 8%

WebEngage is very effective because of its various targeting mechanisms and real-time push notifications. It has helped us to improve our conversions.

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Customer Profile is India’s most innovative and fastest-growing recruitment portal. Launched in 2008, within a short span of 5 years, has crossed the 1.3 crore candidate landmark and has more than 2 lakh jobs onsite. The company is a part of HT Media Limited, one of India’s largest and most respected names in the media industry, with its footprint across print, digital, and radio.

The Objective

Through the marketing efforts, Shine was able to attract visitors to the website and achieve a signup. But the users either had an incomplete or an outdated profile on the website thus rendering the job matches useless both for the job provider and seeker. The team at Shine had one major objective:

  • Always keeping the candidate profile updated on the website.

The WebEngage Effect

Shine had been using SMS and emails as the medium to reach out to their customers with the message to update their profile. It had its limitation in terms of conversion and cost-effectiveness. Shine was looking for a way to remind the customer to update their profile while they were on the website as this was way more logical and effective and we were just tailor-made for the task.

WebEngage offered an effective proposition that targeted logged-in users with appropriate messaging in real-time. Asserting the importance of an updated profile and asking users to complete tasks to increase account usage. This keeps their profile updated. Increases Conversions By 8% Using WebEngage | Case Study

The notifications were created with a specific combination of UI design for push messaging popup and targeting rules to identify whom to show these messages.

Users targeted for a specific campaign was urged to click on CTA within the popup to navigate the user to the respective landing page.

The Process created a popup with a message asking users to complete/update profile details to increase their chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

  • The messaging had a CTA button with the landing page as the profile details page
  • Targeting rules excluded visitors on the registration page
  • Customs rules included visitors with ‘LastProfileUpdateDate’ less than a date

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how set up this campaign:

1. Create Notification > Choose a Layout:

WebEngage Layouts

2. Create Notification body:
Create Notification WebEngage

3. Create/ Choose Theme:
Themes WebEngage

4. Setup Targeting Rules:
Targeting Rules WebEngage

5. Use tokens to personalize notifications

The notification contains the name of the user and the exact number of days for which (s)he hasn’t updated the profile. It makes the notification personalized and even more effective. Doing this through WebEngage is a piece of cake. You just need to pass the data back to WebEngage. Through the use of tokens and our Dynamic Notifications, we personalize it for every single user. Increases Conversions By 8% Using WebEngage | Case Study

The Result

Through these notifications and intercepts, Shine managed to get 8% more users to complete their profile. Given the nature of the business, where recruiters pay more for updated profiles, we made a significant contribution to their bottom line.

Boost Your Customer Engagement Like A Boss

Prateek Agarwal

Prateek Agarwal Manager – Online Marketing,

WebEngage has been an awesome marketing partner. WebEngage has proved to be extremely effective because of its various targeting mechanisms and real-time push notification. We’ve been able to push notification for resume update & collect customers feedback. It has helped to improve conversion & communicate with our customers directly. We strongly recommend to anyone who needs to engage the customers on their website.

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