Use Buyer Personas or Lose Sales

Use Buyer Personas or Lose Sales

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About The Webinar

Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing if they’re interested in buying. Get out, walk in their shoes and see what they see within the first eight seconds and that will make sure your business is good to go.

Sounds interesting but the question is how? Let Buyer Personas come to your rescue. Buyer Personas are a detailed piece of information about your buyer that helps you understand their psychology and buying patterns.

But the question is how will you make your buyers spill out their details without annoying them into leaving your website altogether. Building Buyer Personas is a great thing as it helps you create user segments that can be targeted according to their likes and preferences which improve conversion rate in any given situation.

We will further take over a case study which will help us understand the direct implementation of Buyer Personas to increase your sales.


  • Define what buyer persona is
  • Understand why is it a deal breaker/maker
  • Understand live examples
  • Being an expert on buyer persona
  • Boosting your business



Depesh Mandalia CEO, SM Commerce

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