Click, Open! The New Era of Email Marketing

Click, Open!  The New Era of Email Marketing

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About The Webinar

Today, marketers have access to a plethora of mediums to engage with their customers. However, if there is one channel that has been a popular choice with marketers through the years — it has to be Email. Email as a channel has worked its magic in marketing for decades – and will continue to do so in the coming years. However, the approach to email marketing has changed. All hail, the new era of email marketing!

With the advent of new technologies and enhanced data capabilities, the new era of email marketing has become more sophisticated, interactive, and powerful. It’s time for marketers to deepen their efforts in this channel to create remarkable customer experiences and drive tangible business results.

In this session, you will learn:

1. How has the pandemic impacted email marketing? Why will this new era of Email marketing continue to play a vital role?

2. What do you need to do to get your email marketing right? 

  •  Moving from bulk emails to highly contextual email campaigns 
  •  Resolving email delivery issues and getting it right 
  •  Understanding the revenue impact of your email campaigns 

3. What are the critical email trends and techniques that can give your marketing campaigns an edge in 2022?

4. How are leading brands approaching email marketing, and what can you learn from them?

Short on time? Here’s your cheat sheet to run a successful email marketing campaign:

Email Marketing Checklist



Keyur Dhami VP - Customer Success, WebEngage

Keyur heads the Customer Success and professional services team at WebEngage and has built this practice grounds-up. Keyur helps global brands engage and retain their users by personalizing their customer experience using the WebEngage platform. 



Titus Thomas Head of Tech Partnerships, WebEngage

Titus focuses on building unique solutions that help people achieve more in their business. He is deeply passionate about creating loved and trusted products that help people navigate their goals. He is adept at helping companies drive great results and revenues through effective email marketing campaigns.