The Foundation of Multi-Channel Customer Retention by Ankur Gattani

The Foundation of Multi-Channel Customer Retention by Ankur Gattani

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About The Webinar

Your customers can clearly map the potential of your business. Your customer base consists of your newly acquired ones and your existing customer base. As a matter of fact, it requires 6 times the marketing expenditure to acquire a new customer than to retain your already existing customer. A report by Bain suggests that a 5% increase in your customer retention leads to a 95% increase in company’s profitability. And also, it is said that 80% of your future profits also come from 20% of your existing customers. This makes building a multi-channel customer retention strategy imperative for any business.


  1. Multi-channel customer retention: Why is it imperative?
  2. The importance of different pieces of advertising space.
  3. The organizational preparation – team setup, the data setup, the tools and vendor partnerships.
  4. How can it all come together?
  5. Test / Control as the only true measure of CRM impact



Ankur Gattani Advisor, WebEngage

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