Decoding The New Normal Of Consumer Marketing In A Post-COVID World

Decoding The New Normal Of Consumer Marketing In A Post-COVID World

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About The Webinar

Note: This is a specially curated panel-discussion on the future of consumer marketing, featuring panelists representing businesses based out of Pakistan.

Back in December 2019, news broke out of a mysterious new virus originating from China that was wreaking havoc all over the city of Wuhan. Little did anyone know that the planet was heading towards the worst pandemic recorded in human history.

COVID-19, as we have all come to know today, has affected consumers and businesses monumentally. Entire countries have entered into lockdown, and human activity has come to a virtual standstill to arrest the spread of the Coronavirus.

No precedent exists in such a situation that can help normalize what people and businesses are experiencing as a result. The natural order of demand and supply has been affected. Consumer behavior has changed massively, and recessionary trends are starting to register the world over.

As the world comes to terms with a ‘New World Order,’ where social distancing and masks are pre-requisites to a healthy life, we try to analyze the impact of these changes on business and growth.

We have put together a panel of experts from the Pakistan region comprising of business owners & marketing leaders to discuss:

  • The impact of COVID19 on business and consumer marketing,
  • The evolution of marketing strategy & user engagement
  • The importance of user retention at such a time
  • The rise of new and unique communication themes post COVID19
  • Designing an effective strategy to counter the immediate and long-term impact of COVID19

Check out the video for a profoundly insightful discussion moderated by regional expert Imtiaz Mohammad (CEO, OrangeFox).



Ahmad Rauf Essa Co-founder , Telemart

Ahmed Rauf Essa is a business graduate from IOBM. During his education, he started Telemart at the age of 23. Telemart is now considered to be the 2nd largest E-commerce company in Pakistan and the only one to have an omnichannel presence with its retail stores and franchises across Pakistan. Ahmed Rauf Essa is the only Pakistani entrepreneur to win 8 Global & 2 National Awards at the age of 28. He has been a jury member for 12 Global Awards & was also selected as Rising Star by the world retail congress. Ahmed Rauf Essa was also featured in Forbes “30 Under 30” List 2019.



Apoorv Sood Vice President, Global Business & Partnerships, WebEngage

Apoorv Sood is the Vice President Sales at WebEngage, A SaaS Company headquartered in Mumbai. He is both visionary and practical with high levels of analytical horsepower and the ability to turn analysis into insight and actions. In his role as a VP of Sales at WebEngage, he is responsible for the revenue growth across INDIA, APAC, EMEA & LATAM regions and expansion into newer markets across the globe with focus on clients in Ecommerce & Retail, Travel, Hospitality, OTA, Ed-tech, Fin-tech, BFSI as primary sectors or domains. Apoorv also looks after strategy, expansion & channel partnerships.



Imtiaz N Mohammed Chief Executive Officer, OrangeFox

Imtiaz is a marketer with over 15 years of experience in advertising, financial services, and technology-driven marketing including eCommerce and digital analytics. He currently runs OrangeFox, a boutique marketing brand catering to digital businesses of varying sizes and industries. Prior to this, he headed the digital products division at MCB Arif Habib Investments & Savings where he was responsible for digitizing customer onboarding for investment products which is a first in Pakistan.He has also served as Head of Marketing for Asia at Kaymu where he was responsible for managing marketing and on-site product assortment and data-driven customer acquisition and retention across 7 countries.



Mohsin Qureshi Chief Operating Officer, Cheetay

Mohsin Qureshi was the Former Commercial Director at Foodpanda. He joined Cheetay in October 2019 and since then has grown the business 10 times. Mohsin was one of the founding members of EatOye!, the pioneer food delivery portal in Pakistan. He has more than 12 years of experience working in the industry. You will see Mohsin wearing many hats at Cheetay. He attends calls directed to customer service, becomes a rider to make deliveries, and changes his seat often to sit and understand various functions at work.



Muneeb Maayr Co-founder , Bykea

Muneeb Maayr is Founder at Bykea, the largest network of motorbikes serving on-demand transport, logistics and payment services in Pakistan. Muneeb graduated from the University of Virginia to work in investment banking at Bear Stearns in New York City right after college. He then led a 600 person back office for SNL Financial in Islamabad, a business acquired by Standard & Poors. Prior to Bykea, Muneeb was Co-Founder and CEO at, Pakistan's leading eCommerce platform, acquired by Alibaba Group.



Naureen Hyat Co-founder , Tez Financial Services

With a passion for social development and philanthropy, Naureen is a serial entrepreneur having closely worked with the microfinance sector. She is a Co-founder at Tez Financial Services, the first fully-digital microfinance institution aimed at providing frictionless financial access to the unbanked and under-banked via a smartphone application.With a degree in finance and as a member of the CFA community, Naureen is well versed in the intricacies of the financial world. She has studied the field of Inclusive Finance at the Harvard Business School which lends her expertise and global insights into financial inclusion. Naureen has been featured in Forbes and in Women in Fintech Powerlist - renowned global publications recognizing leaders and game-changers around the world.

Webinar Transcript

Here is an excerpt from the insightful panel discussion.

Where were you all stuck in terms of your businesses when this pandemic struck your industry?

Muneer Mayr: As far as Bykea is concerned, business revolves around transportation – whether it is a taxi service or it is a delivery service. We are hit the most when the lockdown got imposed. Everything came to a standstill in the month when we had projected the maximum revenue. We were rather on the closing period of raising Series-B funding round in the month of April, but it got to us like a sudden shock.

Moshin Qureshi: Cheetay too asks for the need to free transport and delivery. As the month of March brought the nationwide lockdown, everyone was confused. Our delivery boys and restaurants were caught by police and we were trying to comprehend the seriousness of the situation. It eventually got closed completely.

Naureen Hyat: Tez was also going ahead with the next round of fundraising. We were planning to raise the lending bars with the announcements of new partnerships. We had to put a halt on the disbursement of funds to a great extent as we couldn’t take more credit risk. However, the recoveries are still coming in as a surprise. We’ve expedited the development of other verticals of the product. The insurance feature will go live in June itself.

Ahmed Rauf Essa: Telemart was about to announce ‘Telemart Express’ where we would start delivering within 24 hr in Karachi and within 48 hr in the rest of Pakistan. Our warehouses accommodated products that helped us redefine Telemart Express as ‘delivery during lockdown’. At the time when every other store was closed, it turned out to be a huge boom for us. We could focus on the categories that saw an upsurge in demand.

Apoorv Sood: We were in complete denial in the initial phase of the pandemic. A lot of our customers were shutting down and we started struggling to get paid from our existing customers. It came out as a big challenge for us to comprehend the situation, manage the sales pipeline, recover payments from our clients, and the reality of working from home for an indefinite future.

What strategy have you adopted to fight the changing business scenarios?

Muneeb Mayr: We took this time to develop a variety of other features in our product given the fact that we are not stuck with the rushing business. We have time for that. Hopefully, they’ll come off greater use when the lockdown ends, and the user demand skyrockets when people come out of their cages.

Moshin Qureshi: The Government has to choose between death and people and the death of the economy. And while the death of the economy seems less horrible, it will eventually lead to a civil war in countries like us. We are hoping to survive amidst this chaotic times. Our business dropped to 70% within 3 days of lockdown, but since then we are recovering. We have partnered with the essential verticals like pharmaceuticals, groceries to keep running our business.

Naureen Hyat: Tez has started lending to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs instead of floating them randomly. We are focussing more on the retail owners where we can let the bolls rolling and keep the mutual interest intact.

Ahmed Rauf Essa: We are lucky to have the flooding of the customers during this phase. We are rather struggling with managing the service part. So we are trying to partner with more packaging and delivery service companies to meet the demands. We are crafting strategies to push back the retail side of the business as well.

Apoorv Sood: This pandemic has shown a bigger need for every B2C company to engage with its customers and opt for marketing automation to serve the purpose. We are trying to go fully organic on this front generating E-book, and other modes for branding the need for personalized engagement.

Check out the full Webinar Video to gain insights on such crucial topics of these unprecedented times.