How to Get Your Lazy Users to Reveal More to You

How to Get Your Lazy Users to Reveal More to You

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About The Webinar

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word “Lazy”? A person laying in his bed, refusing to come out? Well, times have changed and so have the definitions of lazy. Around 99% people who visit your website are lazy users.

Lazy users– Those who reveal only a limited information about themselves according to their requirement, those who use limited features and do not fully explore your website or even those who don’t update their profiles on your platform.

Now, these lazy users are a very good catch because firstly they are potential or already existing clients and secondly because a happy user is the best marketing resource that you have. A lazy user can be easily converted to a happy user just by asking them the right information and then personalizing their user journey.

This webinar is important for everyone who is interested in growing their business but specifically for those who are:-

  • Business Owners who want to grow their business.
  • Product Managers who want to enable features that help in customer retention.
  • Marketing Managers who want to improve their business’ Net Promoter Score.


  1. To identify who your lazy users are and then targeting them.
  2. To know how to get most of the information out of your lazy users without annoying them.
  3. To be able to convert lazy users to happy customers. (Increasing your NPS)
  4. To know the precise ways to engage with lazy users at the right time.
  5. To know how user engagement can lead to retention and a higher customer satisfaction rate.



Divya Sharma Dixit Digital Marketing Strategist, WebEngage

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