Marketing Cloud Integration 101: How to Integrate With WebEngage

Marketing Cloud Integration 101: How to Integrate With WebEngage

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About The Webinar

Last year, WebEngage successfully graduated from an On-site Engagement Suite to a Marketing Cloud for Consumer Businesses. We introduced a revamped dashboard with brand new channels and features listed below:

  • New Engagement Channels: Push Notification, In-App, Browser Push, Email and SMS
  • Users and Events Attributes tracking across channels
  • Dynamic and live Segmentation
  • Deep Data Personalization
  • State-of-the-art ‘Journey Designer’
  • Granular-level Analytics

As data is the primary driver for a marketing cloud, its deeper-level integration with the suite is highly crucial for the optimized usage of the latter. As WebEngage has become more sophisticated, so has our integration process. With the introduction of Mobile SDKs and 3rd Party Integration (, WebEngage Data Management Platform has never been so elaborate.

This free session will help you understand the prerequisites of our advanced integration for pro-level utilization of WebEngage.

If you are a Campaign Manager / Product Manager / Technology Integrator / Old Platform User, you shouldn’t miss out on this webinar. It will cover all the topics listed below:

  • WebEngage Data Model Introduction
  • Web and Mobile SDKs Integration
  • Engagement Channels Configuration
  • Product Extension using WebHooks
  • All-in-one Use Case



Ankit Utreja Co-founders & CTO, WebEngage



Saumitra Bhave Technical Architect, WebEngage

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