Discover The Unexplored Sales Potential of Your Website

Discover The Unexplored Sales Potential of Your Website

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About The Webinar

According to Business Insider – More than 98% of the visitors coming up on your website are anonymous.

And they leave as anonymously as they arrive.

Tired of spending a lot of money on marketing and not seeing effective results in terms of conversion? Ever wondered if your website is being optimized to nab those anonymous visitors?

It’s time to solve this mystery and increase sales by the same visitors who have always been coming on your website!

This webinar talks about how to convert most of the anonymous users that come up on the website to valuable leads. Our website is the biggest lead generation source which we eventually neglect. The optimization of our website through various intercepts calls for being able to nab those anonymous users.

We have taken various use cases in respect of B2B and B2C businesses talking about how users behave and how should they be intercepted on their entry, exit and on the kind of user actions that they take.

Furthermore, we have discussed how various targeting sections help us to segment our user base and reach out to them on a more personalized level.



Avlesh Singh Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage

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