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  • Increase Lead Conversion

    Real-time communication and instant assistance can increase your lead to conversion rate by 40%

  • Reduce Human Hours

    Automate support communications and create onboarding flows to reduce human hours by 80%

  • Increase Policy Renewals

    Timely reminders and automated drips will reduce customer payment defaults by 50%

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  • “Win-Back and policy renewal campaigns have contributed significantly to our overall revenue and resulted in improvement of our North Star Metric i.e. Persistency ratio.”

    Payal Saxena

    Associate Director – Digital Marketing at Acko

  • “We’ve automated our user engagement initiatives and saved massive man-hours.Some of the campaigns we’ve sent have resulted in more than 40% growth in repeat loans by borrowers.”

    Nishant Mehta

    Executive – Digital Marketing, CASHe

  • “The seamless integration with our LMS helps us serve our users at scale. Widespread use of the Journey Designer has led to a conversion uplift of up to 47%.”

    Pranav Dabke

    Campaign Manager, Digital Marketing

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