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Capture Voice of Customers by asking them directly. Collect reviews, insights and more from users on your website.

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WebEngage Survey Features

Run behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant surveys on your website to measure customer satisfaction and collect user insights proactively. Using our leave intent targeting, you can generate leads or discover reasons for abandonment from users bouncing off your site or cart page. Our leave intent surveys are smart exit surveys which are designed to pop when a user approaches browser's close button. Our targeting engine allows you to choose from a wide variety of rules so that you filter out the users to whom you'd like to push a survey to.

Take a look at our live use-case gallery to see how customers use the survey product - #WebEngageLive

Create a Survey

We let you build any kind of survey questionnaire. On your website, these questions appear one after the other as the user keeps submitting responses. If a user quits at any point of time or closes the survey mid-way, the answers submitted get captured in your dashboard.

These are the question types we currently support:
  1. Radio Buttons (choice of options | single select)
  2. Checkboxes (choice of options | multi select)
  3. Drop down menus (single-select | multi-select)
  4. Choice of options (multiple | checkboxes)
  5. Matrix (radio button | checkboxes per row)
  6. Input box (single line)
  7. Comment box (multi line)
  8. File upload (with an option of specifying a list of allowed file types)

Survey in action on a customer's website
Create Survey - Step 1: Add basic details
Create Survey - Step 2: Add questions
Create Survey - Step 3: Add targeting rules (optional)
Create Survey - Step 4: Activate and Go Live (no code changes needed on your website)

Note: Surveys are included in all plans. However, there is a limit on the number of surveys you can create per month and the number of responses you can collect per survey. Once you have hit the latter, we stop displaying that survey on your site. Check out details on the plans & pricing page. Multi-question surveys can only be created in Basic plan or higher. With the Free plan, we let you create single-question surveys only.