Website Survey Builder: Create Targeted & Personalised Website/On-Site Survey

Capture Voice of Customer, NPS scores, Reviews, Insights and more by using targeted website surveys

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Surveys that look appealing and engage your users while gathering invaluable insights

Plug-n-play layouts, diverse response-types, logically branched questions, complete CSS customisation and aesthetically designed templates for a delightful user experience.

Website Survey Tool


Relevant questions to right users, always

Dynamic and smart user segments, User behaviour based targeting and custom targeting capabilities to put you in control.

Website Survey Targeting Rules


Preset triggers to reach the users exactly when intended

Navigation based, time-based and custom defined triggers for precision and accuracy.

Website Survey Triggering Rules


Numbers and stats to make your surveys better

Granular stats like number of people attempted the survey, number of people that completed the survey, detailed response of every user and scheduled reports for diverse analysis.

Website Survey Analytics

The One stop solution to multi-channel marketing

User profiles, cross device segmentation, single customer view, personalisation, geo-fencing and much more to automate and super charge your marketing across channels

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