Increase E-commerce email newsletter subscription
Add email ids to your mailing list.
Ask your users to sign up for your newsletter and receive exclusive discount offers in their inbox.
Customer acquisition in the hyper-competitive e-commerce industry is getting difficult by the day. People visit a website, look at a few products and bounce off anonymously. WebEngage provides a way of asking your anonymous visitor about their purpose of visit along with the email id and helps you build an email list of your own. More email subscribers for ecommerce store means more people to reach out with offers and promotions which eventually results in better conversions. Build a targeted email list and reach back with relevant offers and products to these customers and increase your customer retention as well as revenue.

How do I implement it?

Using our modal layout overlay notification, you can grab the attention of your bouncing off user and ask for their contact details in return for a discount on their next purchase.

What do I get as a result?

You convert a huge chunk of otherwise anonymous visitors into leads and at the same time, add them to your mailing list to reach them with timely offers and newsletter. At the same time, when people get a coupon for the next purchase, it automatically validates the email id they share as well as presents a possibility of a next purchase from your website as well. You can even push your leads directly to Mailchimp and Salesforce.