Create focused micro-segments

Create micro-segments based on real-time data about your users, using a powerful combination
of profile information and behavioral attributes such as:

Profile information of the user such as Gender, Age, Profession, Company, Education, Score, Revenue, etc.
Where you acquired the user from such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Whether the user is reachable on these channels: Push, In-app, SMS, On-site, Web Push and Email.
Actions users perform such as App Installed, Sign Up, Sign In, Product Search, Add to Cart, App Uninstall, etc.
Devices used by your users such as Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.
Where your users are based such as Country, State, City, Postal Code, Latitude, Longitude, etc.

Predictive RFM segmentation for precision targeting

Easily and quickly identify different user groups on your dashboard based on specific user events
and start reaching out to them through hyper-targeted campaigns

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Work with live segments

Users enter and exit a segment in real-time based on segment criteria so that each segment accurately reflects the on-ground situation at any point in time.

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0 Users Exiting

Get detailed insights about every segment

Gain deep insights into any segment in seconds. Understand segments from many different perspectives.

Track the growth trends of a segment over a period of time.
See the list of all known and unknown users that belong to a segment.
Make an informed decision on the right channels to use to engage with users in a segment successfully.
Measure the success of all campaigns linked to a segment to optimize your segment outreach strategy.

Get a 360o user view

View any user profile comprehensively, in a matter of seconds.


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