Generate sales leads for Healthcare websites

Generate leads by offering discounted treatments.

Ask your anonymous visitor's reason of visit and contact info by offering discounts on different treatments.

People visiting Healthcare websites range from patients, Medical Representatives, someone looking for reviews among others. They are usually concerned about their health. Out of which most are anonymous visitors.
To generate leads for healthcare websites out of such visitors becomes a challenge for everyone the field of medical marketing.
WebEngage assists in healthcare lead generation and helps you convert a large chunk of anonymous traffic you receive into leads. Here you can get details of the visitor tagged to the segment he/she was looking for within your website.

How do I implement it?

Pop a modal window and get the attention of your visitor bouncing off your website. Ask for the contact details of your bouncing off visitor in the return of a free or subsidised health check up.

What do I get as a result?

With the same traffic as before you get more leads now. With clear intent, contact info and real-time reporting you get valuable leads to reach out. You could even route requests to specific department in real time.